SELDI is the ultimate video rig for hands-free footage

From action sports to unboxing videos, there are many reasons why you might want to record hands free. This 7-in-1 video rig offers a super-stable view of the action, with a choice of multiple camera angles.

SELDI is the ultimate video rig for hands-free footage
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  • Want a better view of the action? Moment lenses offer superb image quality.
  • The SELDI video rig keeps your camera or smartphone rock steady, even when your hands are busy.

According to every possible metric, video is the most compelling medium for telling stories. People are far more likely to watch your impressive ski run or artistic skills than they are to read a written report. But making great videos is hard — particularly if you’re both the lead actor and the film crew. SELDI is a video rig that helps you produce silky smooth footage in these tricky situations. The sturdy frame is perfect for shooting hands-free, and it provides better stability for handheld shots. Heck, you can even use this thing as a selfie stick.

The ultimate video rig

Anyone can strap a camera to their chest and press record. But this technique tends to produce suboptimal videos. You know — the type where you can’t see anything properly and the world is shaking uncontrollably.

If you want to stand out on YouTube or Vimeo, you might want to invest in a better video rig. SELDI is a versatile option for aspiring vloggers and filmmakers.

video rig 08

Versatile beast

This 7-in-1 rig can steady your handheld shots and help you take better hands-free video. It also works as a weirdly shaped selfie stick and a standalone tripod.

[tweet_box]This 7-in-1 rig can steady your handheld shots and help you take better hands-free video. It also works as a weirdly shaped selfie stick and a standalone tripod.[/tweet_box]

Camera angles

SELDI works with most small cameras. You can easily mount your smartphone, your GoPro, or even a 360-degree VR camera. In hands-free mode, the frame hangs around the back of your neck like a rigid strap.

video rig 02

Mount anywhere

Unlike regular chest mounts, SELDI curls away from your body. This provides the necessary room to tilt your camera to any angle. As a result, you can frame the perfect shot. This could be looking up a climbing wall, or gazing down on your carefully crafted artwork.

Alternatively, you can mount the camera facing you. This can be great for capturing B-roll reactions as events unfold.

video rig 01

Selfie mode

More still

But don’t mistake SELDI for a one-trick pony. This thoroughbred can replace your entire video kitbag.

For instance, you can take the frame off your shoulders and place it on the ground. Instantly, you have a small yet stable tripod. You can also hold the frame in one hand and take low walking shots.

video rig 04

Low shots

Stabilizer mode utilizes the main frame of SELDI to steady your device. It works a little bit like a simple gimbal, helping you take smoother handheld shots. You can even extend SELDI for use as a selfie stick or attach the frame to solid objects.

video rig 06

Simple stabilizer

Aside from shooting video, SELDI provides a solid base for watching videos on your mobile device.

“SELDI is the first wearable video rig that puts you 100% in control of what you’re recording. It gives you all the essential functions for recording videos with any smartphone, GoPro or action camera, digital compact camera, and 360° camera.” — SELDI on Kickstarter

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Great for watching videos

What we ❤

The sheer versatility of this device is astounding. Apart from a full-size video tripod, you won’t ever need another camera support.

Waiting game

With any photography product, the real test for SELDI will come when the product ships. How will the device fare with endless use and abuse? Only time will tell.


– Kickstarter: Until May 9th

– Pledge: $77 USD

– Delivery: June 2018

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