The Sevenhugs Smart Remote Connects All of Your Smart Devices

The Sevenhugs Smart Remote Connects All of Your Smart Devices

We live in an age where we can access anything remotely. From smart lights to intelligent doorbells, everything from home security to on-demand delivery is at our fingertips. The only problem is that each device has its own configuration, app, or remote. And that’s where the Sevenhugs Smart Remote comes in. This clever device:
– is intuitive and easy to use
– connects everything in a single place
– truly makes your life easier

Seeing the Smart Remote in action is nothing short of magic. With a simple point of the remote, you get total control.

The Sevenhugs Smart Remote

The Smart Remote relies on Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or infrared technology to connect to your devices. Using patent-pending Point & Control technology, you simply point the remote at your smart device and it automatically connects. Instantly upon connection, the Smart Remote transforms its high-definition touchscreen display with relevant controls and toggles. And that’s it. You can turn things off and on, adjust settings, and so much more. As you point at other devices the screen automatically switches to new controls. If you point to an area with multiple devices, the Smart Remote detects them all and prompts you to choose the device you want to control.

The Sevenhugs Smart Remote Connects All of Your Smart Devices

Unprecedented Functionality

This amazing remote combines two technologies for such accuracy. First, it implements a precise indoor positioning system to locate each of your smart devices and appliances. Additionally, it has 9-axis motion sensors to determine the exact position and orientation of the Smart Remote. Pairing together, the remote creates a 3D map to know exactly at what it’s pointing. Finally, the Smart Remote allows you to control devices in other rooms via Wi-Fi, control single rooms with a single remote, and even set and access Smart Zones.

The Sevenhugs Smart Remote Connects All of Your Smart Devices

Everyday Convenience

The Smart Remote has one feature to make it unlike typical universal remotes: you can always find it. Simply tap the button on the charging base to make the remote ring. In addition, the Smart Remote allows you to create custom scenes and group multiple devices. For instance, a single tap can dim the lights and turn on your TV and media player for movie night. With compatibility with over 25,000 smart home products, you can cater to all of your needs.

The Sevenhugs Smart Remote Connects All of Your Smart Devices

What We ❤️️

It’s just so easy! The Smart Remote is a device of the future. We have a feeling it will be standard in all homes soon enough.

Future Innovation

With such innovative technology already in your hand, it’s hard to suggest any improvements. The creators are already adding new functions and abilities.

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– Pre-order: Indiegogo
– Price: $229
– Delivery: August 2017

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