Shargeek 170 review: this portable transparent charger is inspired by a Pink Floyd album

Unleash the power of style and function with the Shargeek 170. This transparent power bank offers fast charging for multiple devices.

Shargeek 170 review: this portable transparent charger is inspired by a Pink Floyd album
Shargeek 170 has a unique transparent design

Tired of boring, brick-shaped power banks? Then check out the Shargeek 170 prism power bank. This transparent charger has a design inspired by Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon album, so you can bet it’s one of a kind.

I love my power banks. But they’re designed to be functional and nothing more. While they serve my job well, you might be looking for something more creative, and I understand.

That’s why I was excited to see the Shargeek 170 on my list of products to review. Yes, if you’re looking to jazz up your on-the-go work setup, or overhaul your portable tech, this gadget deserves your consideration.

Boasting a unique see-through prism shape, this power bank’s inner workings become visible. But it’s not all about looks. The Shargeek 170 is fast and efficient. It even charges up to 3 devices simultaneously.

Want to learn more? Then check out my review below.

Shargeek 170 product video

Iconic Pink Floyd style

The Shargeek 170 power bank is eye-catching. Inspired by Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon, this gadget is a style statement. The clear prism design echoes the triangular prism on the album’s front cover.

Meanwhile, because of the clear exterior, we get to see the inner workings of the power bank. The exposed motherboard adds a true sci-fi look that’s sure to start conversations with your coworkers, friends, and passersby.

2-Way fast charging

Meanwhile, this transparent charger has all the practical features you could want. A case in point is the pass-through charging feature. You can count on the device to power your gadgets while it charges.

Then, with its 170W max. output and PD 3.1 technology, it revives devices in no time. Recharging from 0% to 50% in just 20 minutes is no small feat, thanks to the 140W max. input.

So, with just a 20-minute charge, your smartphone will be at 50% battery. That’s about half a day’s worth of power for the time it takes to reply to a few emails.

A helpful smart display

The smart display embedded in the Shargeek 170 is also useful. Its screen shows battery percentage and real-time information. From power status to charging performance, it keeps you in the loop with every energy transfer.

Specifically, it shows how efficiently and effectively your devices power. It’s like having your own personal charging supervisor, giving you a heads-up on when your devices will be ready for use.

Shargeek 170 front view

3-Device fast charging

My favorite feature of this transparent charger is its 3-device fast charging capability. Because who doesn’t want to charge more gadgets at once?

Armed with 1 USB-A and 2 USB-C ports, the Shargeek 170 stands out as a versatile powerhouse. Yes, it can handle a combination of smartphones, tablets, laptops, or any USB-enabled gadget at once.

So you won’t have to choose between charging your tablet and your smartphone the next time both are running out of battery while you’re working from a coffee shop. You’ll charge both.

Overall, this portable power bank improves productivity. Its ability to manage multiple devices simultaneously without sacrificing speed or quality makes it a quintessential addition to any tech-savvy individual’s arsenal.

Shargeek 170 in an airplane

A massive 24,000 mAH battery capacity

Additionally, with the Shargeek 170, you can say goodbye to low-battery anxiety for good, even on your busiest days. With its 24,000 mAh battery, you get the reassurance that your devices will stay charged throughout the day.

What makes this capacity even more impressive is what lies beneath the surface. The Shargeek 170 comprises 6 durable electric-vehicle-grade batteries. So you can count on it to deliver long-lasting and reliable performance.

But it doesn’t stop there. Unlike other power banks that tend to lose their capacity after a certain number of charging cycles, the Shargeek 170 stands strong. Boasting over 800 charges, it maintains over 80% capacity. This resilience over time is a testament to its build quality and efficient energy management. You can expect it to be a reliable and enduring power source for years.

Safety features for the unexpected

At the end of the day, power banks are electric appliances that can be dangerous. For that reason, the Shargeek team packed this transparent charger with plenty of safety features.

Safety features are a cornerstone of Shargeek’s design philosophy. The IP4 water-resistance protects against accidental spills and sudden splashes. This lets you focus on your tasks without fretting over your beverage.

The Shargeek 170 also has a comprehensive suite of other protective features. Overvoltage, overcurrent, overload, overheating, short circuits, and undervoltage are not just tech jargon but also real threats that can harm your devices. The Shargeek 170 shields against each, keeping your gadgets safe and the power bank functioning at its best.

Innovative solar charging

Interestingly, the Shargeek 170 introduces an innovative solar-charging capability, extending its use far beyond traditional power banks. Combined with the optional Solar Panel, this power bank is a gateway to sustainable, eco-friendly power.

With the sun’s energy, the Solar Panel has a maximum output of 12W, allowing the Shargeek 170 to tap into an infinite power source. Can you imagine carrying a power bank that gets its energy from the sun? It’s a feature that certainly makes portable power more eco-friendly.

A power bank with iconic Pink Floyd style

To sum it up, the Shargeek 170 isn’t just your typical power bank. Its transparent design, inspired by Pink Floyd’s iconic Dark Side of the Moon album, brings a new level of style to the charging game. Sure, power banks usually play it safe in the design department, but this one is a statement piece that invites conversation and admiration.

Meanwhile, the gadget is efficient, with fast-charging capabilities that can juice up to 3 devices simultaneously. It’s a lifesaver in those moments when your phone, tablet, and laptop all need a power boost.

One of my favorite aspects of the Shargeek 170 is its massive 24,000 mAh battery capacity. It keeps your devices charged even on the craziest days. And let’s not forget the safety features—IP4 water-resistance, protection against overvoltage, overcurrent, and more—which ensure you and your devices stay safe.

Overall, the Shargeek 170 is a must-have for anyone looking to revamp their on-the-go tech style. It’s not just a power bank; it’s a fashion statement, a tech essential, and a sustainability advocate all rolled into one.

Want a Shargeek 170 transparent charger of your own? Preorder it for $119 on Indiegogo today.

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