Silvair Creates an Ecosystem for Your Home

Silvair Creates an Ecosystem for Your Home

With our homes becoming more and more connected, we’re having to manage more and more devices and apps all with different care. With this never-ending web of connection and wires, we forget about which devices we have or to even use them. Silvair Control is a single device to rule all devices with simple gestures.

Silvair Control is a piece of hardware to seamlessly connect everything in your home. It’s a fully configurable wireless controller that can automatically sync with just about anything.

Silvair in home

Using an accelerometer and gyroscope, Silvair Control can be tapped, slid, spun, or just about any gesture to communicate with enabled devices. Each gesture can control a separate device or control the same device in different ways (such as turning lights on and off by tapping as well as dimming by spinning).

Silvair app

Silvair Control and the enabled devices are managed via Bluetooth with an app for both tablets and smartphones. The best part is that it’s completely wireless with an 8-year lithium coin battery and magnetic backing so Silvair Control can travel to any room with you.

Silvair by bed

The device is still in the production phase and the creators are aligning with companies to include a Silvair-enabled chip in their products. For instance, Soraa, light manufacturers, will ship their new products as Silvair-enabled so users can begin using the system out of the box. They plan to work with other companies to make lamps, blinds, shades, garage doors, and the like Silvair-enabled. Silvair will automatically recognise any device that has a chip and understand its function.

Silvair on wall

Seeds Labs, the creators of Silvair Control, have built Silvair Mesh: a wireless environment with software-defined sensors so all of your devices can communicate and be managed. Silvair Control is the hardware to complete this ecosystem and allow for seamless control. Uniquely, Silvair will also have their own instance that sits on Bluetooth with an extended application layer. This means that more manufacturers can take advantage of Silvair and the customers will have even more control.


Although we may need to wait for more devices and items in our home to be Silvair-enabled, the possibilities seem to be endless and incredible. Imagine opening the blinds and dimming the lights with a single button, all over a single instance, with complete control. Silvair Control and the mesh system will allow users seamless integration rather than pairing and configuring each item. The future is here.

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