Take your toolkit up a notch with this gold-plated screwdriver kit

Enhance any DIY project with the ScrewDriverKing™. This portable screwdriver kit looks fancy, but it's as rugged and as functional as they come.

Take your toolkit up a notch with this gold-plated screwdriver kit
The ScrewDriverKing is plated in gold

Never have the right screw bit for your DIY projects? Maybe your toolbox is just a mess of loose screws, bolts, and bits. Either way, it’s time to get organized with one tool that has it all, the ScrewDriverKing portable screwdriver kit.

Equipped with 27 screw bits (1/4″ and 5/16″), 9 spoke wrenches, a file tool, and more, this versatile EDC gadget keeps you ready for any DIY project, from tightening screws to opening boxes.

ScrewDriverKing™ is patent pending

Get visibility and easy access to your tools

Do you avoid DIY projects because you dread sifting through your toolbox for the right bits or wrenches? The ScrewDriverKing™ solves the issue by ensuring all your tools are visible and easy to access.

Can you imagine locating and picking out the right tool in just seconds? No searching through multiple toolboxes or mounds of loose metallic bits. This portable screwdriver kit keeps all components organized, viewable, and easy to remove.

Now, when you need to replace the battery in your smart bathroom scale, you can change it right away instead of waiting for weeks because you can’t find the right standard screw bit.

Enjoy a pocket-size, ergonomic multitool

And, while this kit has a 40-in-1 design, it’s pretty portable. It fits in your pocket, allowing you to keep it on you while you work in the garage or help a friend with a project.

Then, using the ScrewDriverKing™ is comfortable with its antislip handle. It ensures you can use the screw bits as grip leverage. Even better, air passes through the tool grooves on both sides, keeping your hand and the tool dry.

ScrewDriverKing™ and components

Keep track of screw bits

Screw bits are easy to lose during a repair project. However, this portable screwdriver kit makes organizing them easier because they always stay in their dedicated housing.

So you won’t even need to set your bits down while you use this tool. Just transfer the bit you want from its position to the bottom of the tool. The bit never has to touch the ground so it stays on the tool where it can’t get lost.

Stop stripping screws

Do you have a habit of stripping screws during DIY projects? The ScrewDriverKing™ creators say that one reason screw heads wear down is due to a bit that doesn’t sit in the center of the screw.

The ScrewDriverKing™, however, boasts a large circular bubble level that lets you center the bit inside the screw, preventing worn slots.

Work with an Earth magnet at your side

And who doesn’t love magnets? This portable screwdriver kit includes a neodymium rare Earth magnet, making it easy to pick up screw bits all at once. Of course, it retrieves dropped bits quickly and easily, letting you get back to your project without much delay.

Have 1/4″ and 5/16″ setups with this all-in-one screwdriver

Luckily, the ScrewDriverKing™ transforms to both 1/4″ and 5/16″ setups. So if you rely on tools primarily for simple repairs and hobby work, the 1/4″ setup is ideal for you.

Then, use the professionally-sized 5/16 screwdriver for larger or longer screw bits—flat and Philips heads for larger projects. You’re covered for any project, large or small, with this portable screwdriver kit.

Check out the other helpful attachments

But a plethora of bit heads and setups isn’t all this versatile EDC gadget offers. No, it also has plenty of helpful accessories that come in handy.

For instance, the File Tool is ideal for smoothing sharp edges and perfecting a bumpy piece of wood. Then, the Box Opener tool isn’t a knife but is sharp enough to open packages.

And, if you’ve ever struggled to remove batteries from an appliance, you know that doing so can easily break a fingernail or pinch your finger. The Battery Removal Tool makes the task easy.

The ScrewDriverKing™ also includes a pull-tab can opener, paint can opener, and a pop-sealed jar tool. So there’s virtually no packaged product you can’t open when you have this kit.

Finally, this portable screwdriver kit includes a bicycle tool, spoke wrench, camera tool, IT technician tool, motorcycle tool, eBoard tool, and quite a few others. Let’s put it this way: if you have a hobby, the ScrewDriverKing™ probably has a mechanism for it.

Display this beautiful 40-in-1 tool on your desk

With its 18-karat gold plating, the ScrewDriverKing™ is quite handsome. In fact, you could easily display it on your desk or shelf next to other gadgets, and it won’t look out of place. And it’s this aesthetic that encourages you to keep it nearby and ready for whenever you need it.

Read our final thoughts on the ScrewDriverKing™

Whether you already love DIY projects or wish you were handier, the ScrewDriverKing™ helps. Boasting 40 tools in one beautiful, compact design, it keeps an entire tool kit in your back pocket.

Luckily, it’s just a fraction of the size of most tool kits, and it keeps screw bits organized, ensuring they don’t get lost. Preorder the ScrewDriverKing™ for $89 on Kickstarter. What EDC gadgets have you bought recently? Let us know!

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