Teptron’s Smart Blinds Motor Guarantees a Bright Start to the Day

Teptron’s Smart Blinds Motor Guarantees a Bright Start to the Day

Each new dawn brings a new set of events — yet some things remain constant. The cat will need food, and you definitely need coffee. Among these morning micro-chores is the task of opening the blinds. It might not seem like much of an effort, but equally you’re wasting time that could have been spent sleeping. The Teptron MOVE blinds motor removes this little annoyance from your routine. It can be controlled from your smartphone, or set to match your alarm clock, ensuring a bright start to every day.

– Fits most blinds with bead chain, cord loop, or cord control

– Control manually via Bluetooth or set up automations

– Powered by four AAA rechargeable batteries or micro-USB adapter

A Bright Start

Getting ready for work in the morning can be a rush at the best of times. Like any top-class athlete, you probably think about how you can shave seconds off your personal best.

Teptron’s ingenious blinds motor not only saves time in the mornings, but it can also help to keep your house cool in summer. It reacts to temperature and sunlight, meaning you should never have to touch your blinds again.

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Even if you want to take manual control, you can operate the MOVE motor via your smartphone.

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Touchscreen Controls

The MOVE motor fits most blinds that have a bead chain, a cord loop, or some other kind of cord control. It measures around six inches high and a little over one inch wide, but this device has some serious pulling power.

In fact, it can lift nine pounds, so even large blinds should pose no problem.

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To take control over your blinds, you just need to connect the MOVE to your phone via Bluetooth. The companion app gives you plenty of options to play with, and you can open each blind to exactly the right amount.

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In addition, you can control all the motorized blinds in your house from one screen.

Automated Sunlight

This is nice and all, but you probably didn’t get automated blinds to reduce the physical strain. That’s why the Teptron MOVE offers some neat automation features.

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To ensure a bright start to the day, you can set up a timer for when each blind should open. Likewise, they can close themselves in the evening. If you’re looking for something more flexible, the motor can even react to sunlight.

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Of course, blinds are also important for keeping your home cool in summer. For this reason, the MOVE motor can sense temperature.

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Would it be nice to get some more smart home integrations in due course? Sure it would. But in the meantime, Teptron’s motor will keep your home feeling fresh and cool throughout the year.

“Most of us have those blinds that are hard to reach. Make it easier for yourself and motorize and control them directly from your smartphone or set automations. With MOVE it has never been more easy.” — Teptron

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What We ❤️

A simple upgrade to any home. We love the fact you can open the blinds without getting out of bed on a lazy Sunday morning.

Future Designs

We await the full set of automations on iOS (coming in January) and future integrations.


– Order now: via Teptron.com

– Price: $69 USD

– Deal: This item is eligible for a 30% discount!

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