The GNARBOX: Smart Rugged External Drive with an Even Smarter App

The GNARBOX: Smart Rugged External Drive with an Even Smarter App

Typically, I try to start a review with nuanced analogy or a witty remark but, with the GNARBOX, I’m left in awe. Simply put, as a content creator, photographer, and videographer, the GNARBOX is one of the most intelligent products ever made. It has revolutionized my workflow and has helped me become more productive, more efficient, and thus a better over all producer of content. Not only does it streamline my existing process, it allows for creation in previously unfavorable scenarios. So let’s talk about why you should get a GNARBOX as soon as possible. This smart rugged external drive:

– is made tough and durable

– features built-in app and video editing software

– has a compact form factor

The GNARBOX: Smart Rugged External Drive with an Even Smarter App

A Smart Rugged External Drive

The GNARBOX is a combination of hardware and software to create a unique product in the space of external drives. However, if all you use it for is extra storage, you’ll be missing out on the key feature: the app. The app is not only for managing the media on the GNARBOX itself, it’s also for importing media through the SD, micro SD, and two USB ports.

Actually, it’s even more than that. The GNARBOX app has very robust video editing software. You can easily trim and splice videos together. But you can also run the whole gamut of color correction, from saturation and vibrancy to white points and black points.

Now for the revolutionary part: you don’t need cell reception or WiFi to use the GNARBOX. If you are out in the wilderness or out at sea, you connect your phone to the GNARBOX’s own WiFi and you can transfer, edit, and export videos to your heart’s delight.

The GNARBOX: Smart Rugged External Drive with an Even Smarter App

Build Quality

All of these awesome features are contained within a ruggedized and waterproof case. The GNARBOX is clearly meant for the nomad photographer so you can take it with you to a glacier or to the beach and create as you see fit. The ports are covered by hinged doors with rubber seals so you can rest assured. However, the first time I attempted to open the little-hinged doors, I used so much force that I was worried about breaking them off!

In addition, the battery is huge as well. The impressive 4000 mAh will power the GNARBOX for 4 to 6 hours and is rechargeable via micro USB cables.

The GNARBOX: Smart Rugged External Drive with an Even Smarter App

Using the GNARBOX

All of this would be for naught if the user experience were impaired by poorly made software but, rest assured, the GNARBOX app is feature-rich but easy to use. I find the app to be nice to look at while also being easy to navigate. Additionally, the compact size of the GNARBOX makes it easy to throw in any size bag.

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The GNARBOX can read from SD and micro SD cards as well as USB drives and other USB compatible devices. But, on the bright side, up to four people can edit footage from the GNARBOX at the same time on their separate devices. Keep in mind, only one SD or micro SD card can be used at a time and the GNARBOX is limited to 128GB which is about 90 minutes of 4K footage. This is sufficient for creating videos quickly and exporting them but not for an extensive amount of extra footage.

The GNARBOX: Smart Rugged External Drive with an Even Smarter App

What We ❤️️

No more needing to bring a laptop, no more needing to wait until I get back to civilization to edit and export my footage. The GNARBOX is the size of a rugged external drive which means a lighter load for assignments. In essence, I love everything about the GNARBOX and it has made my life vastly more simple and productive. I can splice together the shot sequence plus add music on my phone when I’m out and about (I’ve found the best place to use the GNARBOX is on a plane if you aren’t flying in first class). I can export it then add in my final couple of layers and studio audio in just a couple minutes on my home computer or laptop. By helping me take advantage of otherwise lost time, the GNARBOX is truly an incredible piece of technology.

The GNARBOX: Smart Rugged External Drive with an Even Smarter App

Future Designs/Desires

While I never ran into the specific issue of running out of space, it’d be great if the GNARBOX could be offered with a bit more storage.


– The GNARBOX website: Buy it now

– Price: starting at $299.99

– Delivery: Standard shipping is free and takes about 5 to 7 business days

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