These plant-based, eco-friendly storage bins are incredibly durable

Plastic storage containers are useful, but, if you don't want to buy yet another product that's tough on the environment, check out Welli Bins.

These plant-based, eco-friendly storage bins are incredibly durable
Welli Bins in a variety of colors

Add a better bin to your home with the Welli Bins washable storage bins. These eco-friendly storage bins are made from sugarcane and other renewable materials. They’re also washable and come in four beautiful colors.

If you run a busy home or are constantly on the go, it’s nice to have a reliable way to stow and organize your stuff. It’s even better if it supports a sustainable lifestyle. Welli Bins are just the product.

Break up with plastic storage containers

You want to lead a more sustainable life, starting with the products you buy. But, if you’ve looked on the market for home organization accessories lately, you’ve probably noticed that the pickings are slim.

They’re made from either pollutant-filled plastics, flimsy fabrics, or difficult-to-clean straw. There’s got to be a better solution. And that’s what Welli Bins founder and mother of three, Kathleen McIntyre, thought.

Together with her brother-in-law, Andrew McIntyre, a product engineer, they created a line of storage bins made from bio-based foam.

Go for a planet-friendly storage bin

The foam is made mostly from sugarcane, tree bark, and other renewable materials instead of fossil-fuel-based plastic. This base material is also carbon-negative since the sugarcane plants help consume CO2.

Then, the company uses leftover biomass from the production process to fuel the generators that power the manufacturing facility. According to the company, the little waste material that’s left gets recycled in the typical way.

Welli Bins washable storage bins
Welli Bins at the beach

Wash these sustainable storage bins as often as you please

Cleaning is another area where the typical shoe bin fails. Because while those straw and felt wool materials are beautiful, they’re pretty much impossible to clean thoroughly. So they stay dirty.

But Welli Bins are easy to clean. They resist water, so you can soap them up and rinse them as much as you like. You can even disinfect them with household chemicals and UV rays.

Welli Bins washable storage bins
Welli Bins with kids playing

Choose a durable organization bin

Meanwhile, families and busy professionals need home accessories that can keep up with them. Since Welli Bins won’t tear or break—even if the kids are fighting over them—they’re a storage system you can rely on.

That’s because the Welli Bins unique material is strengthened with cellulose strands, which makes it resistant to tears. So, yes, they can stand up to soccer practice and being loaded to the brim with groceries.

Welli Bins washable storage bins
Welli Bins with dog toys

Take these flexible storage bins on the go

Whether you’re a kid parent, a pet parent, or an active person, you likely cart a bunch of items around regularly. And these eco-friendly storage bins can travel right along with you.

Their durable biomass material keeps them flexible so you won’t have to worry about them getting damaged while you’re on the move. What’s more, at 2.5 pounds, they’re pretty lightweight, making them easy to carry. They make great vegetable caddies for trips to the farmers’ market.

Welli Bins washable storage bins
Welli Bins with bottled drinks and ice

Store your things smartly

Is your entryway cluttered with shoes? And do you find you’ve got just a few too many essential items rolling around the car? These eco-friendly storage bins can tackle the mess and keep it in one place.

Welli Bins in a video

Go for storage boxes that are versatile

And might we mention how versatile these eco-friendly storage bins are? Sure, you can use them to organize those shoes in front of the door, but you don’t have to stop there.

They also make great drink coolers for outdoor parties, garden tool caddies, toy bins, pet toy bins, sports gear carriers, and so much more. There’s pretty much no end to the ways you can use Welli Bins.

Get bins that match your decor

A great home accessory should also blend seamlessly into your home’s decor, and Welli Bins certainly do. That’s thanks to their curved lines and four soft colors: Aqua, Dark Grey, Light Grey, and Pink.

Organizing your home with planet-friendly products is possible with Welli Bins. They feature plant-based materials instead of fossil-fuel-based plastics, are easy to wash, and can stand up to rough use. For busy people with stuff, these useful bins are a great choice.

Welli Bins washable storage bins cost $36, and you can preorder yours on Kickstarter. What sustainable gadgets do you use and love? Let us know about them in the comments.

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