This action-based RPG has the same designers as d20 Modern

Looking for an exciting new addition to your TTRPG collection? Check out Everyday Heroes™. It includes adventures like Kong: Skull Island, Highlander, Pacific Rim, Rambo, and more.

This action-based RPG has the same designers as d20 Modern
Everyday Heroes™ is the next big TTRPG

Take your tabletop RPG games to the next level with the Everyday Heroes™ action-based RPG. It’s a 5e refresh of d20 Modern from the same designers. It lets you play cinematic adventures based on blockbuster franchises.

If you love the 20-year-old d20 Modern, one of the most successful TTRPG games ever created, you have to check out Everyday Heroes™. A 5th-edition refresh of d20 Modern, this modern-day TTRPG comes with everything you need to run your campaign.

Check out the Cinematic Adventures

So what exactly are Cinematic Adventures? Well, they’re campaign settings that work with the Everyday Heroes™ rules system and let you play an action hero within a blockbuster franchise. So you could crush rebellions next to Rambo or fight off deadly beasts with Kong on Skull Island.

The 2023 Season Pass of Adventure includes campaign settings based on some of the world’s most-loved movie franchises: Pacific Rim, The Crow, Kong: Skull Island, Universal Soldier, Highlander, Total Recall, Escape from New York, and Rambo. No matter which game you choose, your hero will have a complete set of rules.

Best of all, these Cinematic Adventures don’t give you just an adventure set in these movie worlds but also in new 5e mechanics.

Everyday Heroes TTRPG d20 Modern Roleplaying Game
Everyday Heroes™ rule books

Play this tabletop RPG game with other 5e systems

Since this action-based RPG works with 5e systems, you can take any of this game’s mechanics and put them into other 5e campaigns. So you could build a Highlander Immortal and set it into your Ravenloft adventure.

Everyday Heroes™ video

Play a modern-day refresh of d20 Modern

Released in 2002, d20 Modern was one of the most popular modern-day RPGs. Everyday Heroes™ updates this ground-breaking system to the 5th edition.

According to the creators, if you know the 5th edition, you can jump right into this TTRPG. It introduces 6 archetypes modeled after the d20 Modern structure, from Strong Hero to Charming Hero.

There are also new backgrounds and professions, adding an extra layer of complexity to your character. Moreover, background provides you with unique skills and abilities depending on how you were raised. Also, your profession adds extra ability boosts, skills, and starting gear.

Enjoy 18 modern character classes

In this action-based RPG, you have quite a range of character classes to choose from. From Hacker to Scientist to Icon, the modern and unique classes keep the game interesting. You can see a complete list of the game’s classes by clicking the link on the Kickstarter page.

Have a look at the new professions

For a modern-day RPG to be realistic, it needs to have professions. Luckily, Everyday Heroes™ has over 20 professional categories to choose from.

They offer your hero expertise in skills, starting gear, and ability score boosts. Some options are Chef, Detective, Doctor, Pop Star, Navy Seal, Stuntperson, and Secret Agent.

Discover new backgrounds in this cool TTRPG

Your hero’s background shapes who they are. And with over 20 backgrounds that give your expertise and ability boosts, it helps you experience richer roleplay.

Some of the backgrounds include Gamer, Rich Kid, Juvenile Delinquent, Immigrant, Misfit, Activist, and Raised by Assassins. These backgrounds add context to your character and influence their actions and decisions.

Play using the TTRPG’s Genius Points

Sometimes, brains are stronger than muscles. And in this action-based RPG, you can play using Genius Points, a feature that helps smart heroes affect the gameplay when they set their brilliant plans into motion.

For instance, you could choose to unleash a can of whoopass. With this action, you provide yourself or an ally with a chemical agent, giving you advanced strength checks, attack rolls, and speed.

Or, you could go for an emergency jetpack. In a nutshell, it reveals an emergency jetpack and gives you a flying speed of 60 feet until your next turn’s end.

Enjoyed the overhauled Wealth System

A common complaint about d20 Modern is its Wealth System. The creators of Everyday Heroes™ understand and, therefore, revise it in this refresh.

Now, you won’t have to pass a DC check to buy groceries. Moreover, you can buy any legal item that costs less than your level of wealth.

Play a better chase system

While no chase system is perfect, you need them for the action sequence. So, the creators developed a narrative chase system that ties into the fight and recreates some of your favorite movie scenes.

Choose your rule book for this modern-day RPG

Meanwhile, you get several rulebook options. If you prefer a physical copy, go for either the basic hardcover or special edition hardcover versions. The 4 original designers will sign the 20th anniversary hardcovers. Otherwise, the PDF gives you a useful digital version.

Customize your play in this immersive game

Want to play over a Virtual Tabletop? Then go for the Roll20 version. Or what about a Foundry VTT version? That’s a possibility, too. The rule books both have Foundry and Roll20 versions.

What’s more, you can make this action-based RPG more immersive with the Syrinscape Core Rulebook SoundSet. It gives you a library of modern sounds, including background music, special effects, and ambient sounds tied to each adventure. With sounds that match your play, you’ll feel like you’re really there.

Read our final thoughts

Be the hero in a big-screen action adventure with Everyday Heroes™. With cinematic adventures like Rambo and Highlander, this new take on d20 Modern takes you on new adventures with specific character rules.

And with 8 modern classes, 20+ professions, and 20+ backgrounds, the game is fast-paced and richly detailed. Add it to your RPG collection and be the hero in your story.

Preorder Everyday Heroes™ for $25 on Kickstarter. What are your favorite RPGs right now? Tell us about them.

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