The Ungrip Smartphone Grip System Saves Your Device

The Ungrip Smartphone Grip System Saves Your Device

Congratulations on your shiny new smartphone. It comes with incredible graphics, beautiful audio, and every app you can imagine right at your fingertips. All of this comes with a stunningly large touchscreen. We hate to burst your bubble, but you probably can’t reach every corner of the screen with a single hand. And, they probably didn’t tell you that the sleek exterior is super slippery. Enter Ungrip. This revolutionary smartphone grip system:
– gives you increased dexterity
– installs on any device
– is totally affordable

The Effortless Smartphone Grip System

Smartphones are only getting sleeker with every new release. Ungrip features a durable fabric loop that adheres to the back of your device. With this loop, you can slide your finger through for enhanced accessibility. With Ungrip, you can text with a single hand without worry of dropping your smartphone. Additionally, Ungrip gives you leverage to reach the furthest corner of your device as it remains secure in your hand. Ungrip is effortless to use whether you’re snapping selfies or live Tweeting.

Smartphone Grip System

Use It on Any Device

Ungrip is perfect for everyone as it works on virtually any device. It strongly adheres using the 3M VHB tape on the back. The base of Ungrip is just 1.18 inches long. In addition, it has a depth of only .24 inches. These dimensions are suitable even on the smallest of devices, including Nokia. And, because the loop itself is fabric, Ungrip is inconspicuous when it’s not in use. Best of all, it comes in loads of fun colors and patterns to match any and every style.

Smartphone Grip System

Strength and Affordability

Along with the sleek design and customization, the Ungrip is a must-have for any device. And, with such a reasonable price tag, you can have one for all of your devices. The Colors Collection has your choice of black or white bases with seven color accent options. The Patterns Collection has fun prints such as chevron, waves, and even sushi. Finally, the Specials Collection has added extras like chrome finishing and more patterns.

Smartphone Grip System

What We ❤️️

We love that Ungrip just works. It’s simple yet effective and totally a must as our devices get bigger.

Future Designs

It’d be great to see some versatility in fabric and base material options. Can you imagine a sleek leather loop?

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– Buy it now: website
– Colors Collection: $12
– Patterns Collection: $16
– Specials Collection: $20

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