Use less water with the Eeva 2-in-1 smart laundry solution

Eliminate the hassle of laundry day with Eeva, the ultimate 2-in-1 smart laundry solution. From your bedroom to your boat, this gadget gives you clean and dry clothes anywhere.

Use less water with the Eeva 2-in-1 smart laundry solution
Eeva washes and dries your clothes in a portable design

Make laundry effortless with the Eeva 2-in-1 smart laundry solution. Boasting a portable design, this eco-friendly washing machine fits wherever you need to wash clothes. Even better, a direct water connection isn’t required.

Tired of facing mountains of laundry every other day? Maybe you have trouble remembering to transfer clean, wet clothes to the dryer. Well, now you can tackle your laundry all at once with the Eeva smart laundry solution.

This revolutionary new washing machine dries and washes your clothes, is portable, and uses less water than typical washing machines. It’s ideal for apartments, campers, RVs, boats, and homes.

Love the idea? Let’s take a closer look at this cool new gadget!

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Eliminate load-switching hassles

If you’ve ever forgotten your laundry in your washer for a day, you know how gross it smells. Yes, bacteria and mildew can grow quickly in wet, warm fabric.

So that means you have to wash your clothes again. And remember to unload it. But what if there was a laundry gadget that pretty much did the switching for you?

This eco-friendly washing machine does. In fact, Eeva has autonomous cycles that can switch from a washing mode to a drying mode without any help from you.

Want to remove some laundry for line-drying? Need a wash-only cycle? Don’t worry, Eeva has a selection of cycles to fit your preferences.

Make laundry convenient with this portable washing machine

Think you have to stay at home or in a laundromat just to have clean clothes? Think again, because the Eeva blows everything you know about doing laundry out of the water.

With this home gadget, you no longer have to be stuck somewhere to wash your clothes. That’s because Eeva can be used with or without a water connection.

So, whether you’re at home or on the go, you can easily fill up the removable water canister or connect directly to a water source for your most hassle-free laundry ever.

It’s even easy to drain the water. Once the entire cycle is complete, simply empty the rinse water reservoir or set up a hose drain for a mess-free experience.

And here’s the best part: you don’t even need an external vent to use Eeva! That way, you can place it in a closet, bedroom, bathroom, or under a counter.

Eeva 2 in 1 Laundry Solution
Eeva in a bedroom

Say goodbye to your hamper

With this eco-friendly washing machine in your living area, you can also cut down on dirty clothes building up around the house. So much so that you might not even need your hamper anymore.

How is it possible? At the end of the day, simply throw your clothes into this machine and let it take care of your laundry for you. You won’t have to waste your free time doing laundry again.

Meanwhile, the Eeva smart laundry solution cycles are so quick and efficient that they can wash and dry your clothes in as few as 90 minutes. With setting so fast, you can say goodbye to piles of laundry because you’ll wash everything in record time.

Eeva 2 in 1 Laundry Solution
Eeva next to a closet

Get dry clothes with every cycle

If you’ve tried other 2-in-1 washers/dryers before, you know that they often leave your clothes considerably wet, even after a spin cycle. But with Eeva, you don’t have to worry about damp clothes.

Eeva uses a combination of spin and heat drying, ensuring your laundry comes out dry and ready to wear. How? The heat drying feature is essential for evaporating the remaining moisture. It makes sure clothing is dry when it’s time to remove it from the machine.

And the best part? You don’t have to do anything extra—just select your cycle and let Eeva do the rest. So if you’re tired of dealing with damp clothes after using a portable washer and dryer combo, give Eeva a try!

Choose an easy-to-use 2-in-1 laundry machine

This eco-friendly washing machine is also user-friendly! The built-in LCD screen lets you easily select your cycle and track how much time is left. And, with multiple wash settings available for delicates, regular, or heavy-duty laundry, Eeva can handle any fabric you throw its way.

Then, multiple cycle settings let you have more control over your laundry. So, whether you need a quick wash or a thorough dry, Eeva has a cycle for you. Choose between wash-only or dry-only cycles, or use the autonomous wash and dry cycle for a hassle-free experience.

And let’s not forget about the design! Eeva was designed to be beautiful enough to blend into your home decor while also being compact enough to use anywhere. We particularly love the smooth, sleek lines, and shiny white exterior.

With dimensions of about 2′ wide by 3.5′ tall, Eeva fits most closets, bathrooms, and bedrooms. So you can get rid of those big, ugly laundry systems you have to hide. With Eeva, you can have a stylish and effective laundry solution that fits your everyday life.

Conserve with the Eeva smart laundry solution

Eeva is not only convenient and efficient—it’s also eco-friendly. With Eeva, you can help protect the planet and conserve resources with each load of laundry.

While washing your clothes, Eeva conserves water, produces less pollution, and saves energy. This way, you can enjoy all the benefits of clean laundry without harming the environment. And you can see the results for yourself!

Just use the Eeva app to see specific data on your consumption and track the savings. The app shows you the difference Eeva makes in water and energy usage. Best of all, this eco-friendly washing machine could help you save money on your energy bills!

Do laundry where you need to

If you’re tired of spending every Wednesday evening at the laundromat or relying on other inconvenient laundry systems, Eeva is the answer! This sustainable gadget was created with convenience in mind.

For that reason, all you need is a standard electrical outlet to have clean and dry laundry. This means you can use Eeva in areas where you can’t have a standard washing machine, like in your master bedroom, kids’ bedroom, bathroom, and even closets.

Plus, Eeva is portable, making it the perfect solution for traveling in your camper RV, or boat. Yes, with Eeva, you can do your laundry no matter where you are, without having to rely on laundromats or expensive laundry services.

Improve the way you wash

The Eeva 2-in-1 revolutionizes the way you do laundry. Its portable design lets you take it anywhere—throughout your home or on the go. You can either connect it to a water supply or fill up the removable canister.

Then, with multiple wash settings, you can get the clean you need. And, of course, the heat dry ensures your clothes are 100% dry when you remove them from the machine.

Overall, Eeva is a smart choice for anyone who wants a convenient and efficient laundry solution. Preorder yours today for just $899 on Indiegogo!

What do you love about this gadget? Let us know in the comments!

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