Useful travel gadgets for those urgent post-pandemic flights

If you travel a lot for work, you've either been missing your time away or you've been dreading having to get back on your travel schedule. And not too many of us are super excited about sitting on a plane with anyone or standing in a line with someone breathing down our neck. But it's going to happen. We're going to have to resume travel. And we all want it to be as safe and easy as possible. As always, we're here to help with these useful travel gadgets.

Useful travel gadgets for those urgent post-pandemic flights
TUPLUS S2 Aluminum Compact Carry-On in Use

There’s something a bit liberating about going to the airport and getting on a plane, knowing that in just mere hours you’ll be thousands of miles away. But right now, the thought of travel is a bit scary and daunting for many. With travel restrictions starting to loosen and many businesses reopening, we’re soon not going to have a choice about getting back to some semblance of “normal”—even if we don’t quite feel ready yet. Traveling is going to bring a new host of concerns that we didn’t have before. But with these useful travel gadgets, the entire process from packing to being out in public in a new place will be a lot easier.

If it’s been a while for you, maybe you’re looking for some upgrades before you head out on the road again. If things are going to have changed, why not make sure you’re traveling better and easier than before? Or maybe you just need to get yourself a little “treat” to make you want to venture out. And if you have health concerns, there are items you can pack to minimize your exposure to coronavirus.

O2 Curve Breathable Face Mask

You can have the protection you want with the O2 Curve Breathable Face Mask. This face mask protects against particulate matter down to 0.1 microns. And it’s comfortable while doing it. It features a medical-grade silicone seal that provides great protection—since the way the mask seals to your face is one of the most important aspects of your mask. And since we all know how annoying straps are, O2 Curve made them better.

SANITAS Antibacterial Copper Door Opener

The world is a dirty place, but that doesn’t mean you have to be. With the SANITAS Antibacterial Copper Door Opener, you can safely open doors, press buttons, and interact with the world. In fact, this little tool is environmentally friendly and easily portable in your purse or backpack. This travel accessory won’t stand out like gloves do, and it’s a naturally antibacterial door opener. While it may be hard to find hand sanitizer and antibacterial wipes, the SANITAS is just as effective.

Hitch Water Bottle with Hidden Reusable Cup

The Hitch Water Bottle with Hidden Reusable Cup is a full-size, insulated water bottle. And it carries an insulated, reusable cup plus a lid for the mug. It’s a pain to carry around a bottle and a reusable cup, and Hitch solves that problem. When you want to carry both vessels at once, you can lock the cup on top of the bottle for easy one-handed carry. Both vacuum insulated, the bottle and cup offer premium heat and cold retention.

Silveray-III Eco-Friendly Sanitizer

Silveray-III Eco-Friendly Sanitizer is an eco-friendly and human-friendly product. Made of silver foam and bar with extraordinary sterilizing effects, it lets you make sterilized water. Simply add filtered or mineral water and begin using it to kill germs and odor-causing bacteria. Moreover, it doesn’t include any chemical components.

Omni Mobile 25600 mAh High-Capacity Laptop Power Bank

Charging your laptop when you’re on the go can be a pain. Especially if you’re in a crowded coffee shop or if you’re traveling. The Omni Mobile 25600 mAh High-Capacity Laptop Power Bank makes it easy. This mobile charging bank offers high-powered charging capabilities to handle all of your large electronics. It even offers wireless charging for your Qi-enabled devices, so you can do more at once. 

TUPLUS S2 Aluminum Compact Carry-On

Featuring a patented design, this luggage offers quick and easy access to your belongings. Likewise, the One-Touch open design enables you to open it by pressing down the lock. TUPLUS S2 also provides two open angles to make it even easier to grab what you need. In addition, the aluminum compact carry-on comes with an embedded TSA lock, making the whole case look like a single unit.

Harber London Flat Leather Passport Holder

Stay organized on any vacation and keep your ID secure with the Harber London Flat Leather Passport Holder. Designed to hold two passports, this slimline sleeve keeps all your travel essentials in one place. Made by hand in Spain, it combines stylish leather and soft wool felt. The craftsmanship is stunning, with every stitch adding beautiful detail. Along with your passport, this Haber London sleeve provides space for up to six credit cards.

Native Union Smart International Charger PD 18W

Get ready to make your next trip abroad easier than your last with the Native Union Smart International Charger PD 18W. This universal charger has both a USB-A port and a USB-C port to charge virtually any device. Along with international adaptors, this travel accessory lets you plug in and power up wherever you are. Whether you’re backpacking or on a luxurious vacation, this smart charger will go unnoticed until you need it.

Away Daily Carry-On Compact Suitcase

If you’re a frequent traveler, you know how important a great suitcase is. The Away Daily Carry-On Compact Suitcase can be that bag for you. This travel suitcase has a front pocket that makes it ideal for holding your essentials. This carry-on bag is specifically designed for quick trips where you’ll be away for a weekend or a few days. And if you need to take your laptop on a work trip, this bag keeps your computer safe in its padded interior pocket.

VESSEL Signature 2.0 Plus Getaway Backpack

Fit everything you need for your whole day into the VESSEL Signature 2.0 Plus Getaway Backpack. When wanderlust has its grip on you, you can quickly pack this bag and go with plenty of space for everything (and then some). This 27-liter backpack features a 180-degree laptop sleeve opening so you can easily access your laptop at security checkpoints. Plus, it’s loaded with pockets and features to keep all your gear organized. From your laptop to your headphones to your water bottle, there’s a designated spot for everything.

Twelve South AirFly Pro Bluetooth Transmitter

The Twelve South AirFly Pro Bluetooth Transmitter will make traveling even more convenient than before. Simply plug this wireless transmitter into the seat-back display, and you can connect it with your Bluetooth headphones. So you won’t have to use the airline-supplied headphones when you have your AirPods in your back pocket. Additionally, this useful travel gadget can connect to up to two pairs of headphones. Thanks to its 16-hour battery life, the AirFly Pro will last as long as your travel takes.

Vacationist Compact Functional Toiletry Bag

There’s a smarter way to travel, and it’s with the Vacationist Compact Functional Toiletry Bag. Reinventing the modest toiletry bag, the designers thought of everything. The Vacationist is totally organized with separated pockets for each of your toiletries. If you’re a heavy packer, no need to panic. This travel bag is actually expandable from one inch to three inches in depth. Finally, the bag is TSA compliant with a detachable clear pouch.

Vago Vacuum Packing Tool

Say goodbye to your packing woes. With the Vago Vacuum Packing Tool, you can save up to 50% of the space in your suitcase. This vacuum compressor sucks the air out of all of your soft clothing items to compress them down. And you can easily take Vago with you. It weighs only 77 grams and fits in the palm of your hand. This travel gadget has a smart sensor to detect air pressure and will automatically stop once your clothes are fully compressed. 

If you’re a travel pro, you might already have a lot of these useful travel gadgets or some iteration of them. If you’re not, this should give you some new ideas for your next trip. Which of these is your favorite? Let us know!

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