8 Vlogging stabilizers that will help you make smooth videos

Let’s face it: video is the future. If you want to create a hit channel on YouTube or make your mark on IGTV, these vlogging stabilizers will help you capture smooth videos.

8 Vlogging stabilizers that will help you make smooth videos
  • What does vlogging mean? The term “vlogging” is actually a shortened form of “video blogging”. It’s a style of filmmaking that mostly involves talking to camera.
  • Do vloggers have many subscribers? Yes, some do. In fact, 17 of the top 100 channels on YouTube are based on vlogging.
  • What are the best vlogging stabilizers for making smooth videos? Keep reading for our pick of the bunch!

In the past five years or so, there has been a revolution in social media. Where witty tweets once earned all the attention, it’s now the video producers who find fame and fortune. Whether you want to become a YouTube pro or just share your vacations with the world, these vlogging stabilizers should help you capture silky smooth videos.

Shoulderpod S2 Smartphone Handle Grip

vlogging stabilizers 06

Shoulderpod S2 grip

When you first start vlogging, you probably don’t need a fancy gimbal. This grip can help you reduce the wobble, while providing a firm grip on your device. It also has a tripod mount for static shots. (Price: $39.88 USD)

DJI Osmo Mobile 2 Handheld Smartphone Gimbal

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DJI Cosmo stabilizer

The Osmo Mobile 2 is one of the best smartphone gimbals currently available. This advanced stabilizer uses a brushless motor and built-in sensors to keep your shots rock steady. Furthermore, the battery lasts for 15 hours of filming. (Price: $129 USD)

Pivot Smartphone Grip by olloclip

vlogging stabilizers 03

Pivot grip by olloclip

Another simple option for vlogging enthusiasts is the Pivot grip from olloclip. Thanks to an ergonomic design, this grip provides passive stabilization. You can also move your phone or camera through 225 degrees to find the perfect angle. (Price: $34.99 USD)

[tweet_box]If you want to create a hit channel on YouTube or make your mark on IGTV, these vlogging stabilizers will help you capture smooth videos.[/tweet_box]

Floating Hand Grip for GoPro

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Floating grip for GoPro

If you want to build a channel around action sports, this floating grip is a must-have accessory. It’s perfect for capturing your watersports adventures, and it will bring your camera back to the surface if you ever let go. (Price: $13.88 USD)

Karma Grip by GoPro

vlogging stabilizers 09

Karma grip by GoPro

This multi-functional mount from GoPro gives you a plethora of options for vlogging your adventures. The set includes a stabilizing gimbal, which you can use handheld via the supplied grip. Alternatively, the Karma stabilizer can be mounted on your helmet or on a body harness. (Price: $299 USD)

Freefly Movi Smartphone Cinema Robot

vlogging stabilizers 04

Freefly Movi robot stabilizer

For anyone who is truly committed to vlogging, the Freefly Movi offers pro-level stabilization. It’s also packed with filmmaking features, letting you create stunning timelapses and special effects. (Price: $299 USD)

TARO Automatic Tracking Stabilizer

vlogging stabilizers 02

TARO tracking stabilizer

Of course, vlogging isn’t only about filming your own face. TARO keeps your smartphone or camera in perfect balance, while AI technology tracks your subject. It means anyone can become your camera operator. (Price: $199 USD)

Rigiet Advanced Camera Stabilizer

vlogging stabilizers 08

Rigiet stabilizer

Another option for forward-facing video is the Rigiet stabilizer. This device also offers intelligent tracking, and you can film in three different positions. In addition, the Rigiet has button controls for one-handed filming. (Price: $139 USD)

Vlogging stabilizers for smooth videos

If you enjoy recording your thoughts and adventures, we would recommend that you invest in one of these stabilizers. We look forward to seeing your videos!

What is your vlogging setup? Tell us in the comments!

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