This water flosser will deep clean your teeth

Most of us don’t floss as often as we should. The truth is, flossing takes extra time and can be painful if you don’t do it regularly. But what if flossing could be fast and painless? Those are possibilities with the Instafloss Multi-Jet Water Flosser. This gadget flosses your teeth in ten seconds with zero pain.

This water flosser will deep clean your teeth
The Instafloss Multi-Jet Water Flosser by the Sink

With all the extra time you spent at home this spring, you might have realized that your teeth could be a little cleaner. Sure, you can (and should) schedule a cleaning appointment with your dentist. But to ensure that your teeth stay pearly all the time, you also need to floss them every day. And a gadget like the Instafloss Multi-Jet Water Flosser can help.

The American Dental Association recommends that people floss once a day, but on average, 20% of people never floss. It’s understandable. Too much pressure on the string can result in bleeding gums. And who likes seeing what’s caught between their teeth? Not many of us. That’s why this water flosser is so useful.

Instafloss is a device that uses water jets to remove trapped food and plaque between your teeth. With its patented design, jets are positioned around the front, back, and sides of each tooth, to remove food debris quickly and easily in a single sweep. It’s an effective floss that’s 12 times faster than other methods since you get a 360 degree clean. Also, the mouthpieces are coated in soft, antibacterial silicone that glides effortlessly along the space between your upper and lower teeth. This allows the flosser to clean both rows of teeth at the same time.

Instafloss Multi Jet Water Flosser

Multi-Jet Water Flosser on a Bathroom Sink

Instafloss Multi Jet Water Flosser

Multi-Jet Water Flosser with a Hand

Instafloss Multi Jet Water Flosser

Instafloss Multi-Jet Water Flosser Next to a Plant

Instafloss Multi Jet Water Flosser

Instafloss Multi-Jet Water Flosser Next to a Box with Handtowels

Discover pain-free flossing

Most people avoid flossing because of the pain. Let’s face it; no one likes to hurt themselves. The makers of Instafloss understand this and want to help make flossing a comfortable experience. For this reason, they created their product with the idea that when flossing feels good, people will develop better habits. Unlike harsh string, which is difficult to control, the pulsing water jets on Instafloss feel amazing. With its adjustable water pressure, this gadget will give you a thorough, pain-free floss even if you’ve got sensitive gums or teeth.

This dental hygiene gadget fits most people

Think you can’t use Instafloss because of your braces? Think again. The makers of this water flosser have consulted with ergonomics experts and a study that has measured thousands of teeth and gums to create a mouthpiece that fits 98% of users. So even if your teeth are crooked, you wear braces or have bridges, you can still get an excellent clean using this product.

Water jets are healthier for your teeth

Plus, flossing with water is even better for your teeth than string. Each part of Instafloss’s design has been based on rigorous studies. Compared to string, this water flosser is 151% as effective at reducing gingivitis, 129% as effective at removing plaque, and 200% as effective at reducing bleeding. So, it’s plain to see that traditional flossing has its limits. Luckily, Instafloss gives us a better alternative.

An oral cleaning product that’s easy-to-use

Finally, another reason many people don’t floss is that’s a hassle. When you’re tired at night and just want to go to bed, the last thing you want to do is remove food caught between your teeth. But Instafloss can clean your teeth in only ten seconds, and the operation is a breeze. Simply fill the reservoir with water, place the mouthpiece in your mouth, and sweep. In ten seconds, you’ll feel like you’ve visited your dental hygenist.

I’d totally buy this product. I’ve mentioned before that I’m a dental hygiene nut (yup, I floss every night). But I’d love to get a more effective clean in a quicker amount of time, pain-free. Plus, it’s convenient that everyone in the family can use this gadget with its easy-to-change replacement mouthpieces. And those come with color bands to help you keep track of them.

Are you interested in adding a water flosser to your medicine cabinet? You can pre-order an Instafloss Multi-Jet Water Flosser for $119 on Kickstarter.

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