Wearable Tech That Reminds You To Breathe

Wearable Tech That Reminds You To Breathe

While managing stress is critical to maintaining our mental and physical health, the process of doing so is far easier said than done. Caught up in a whirlwind, pressurized moment, stress relentlessly stomps atop our inner voices of reason.

Of course, stress management is certainly not impossible to achieve. For many, the secret sauce to keeping it in check is simply prioritizing moments for introspective mindfulness. That’s where the Olive bracelet steps in.

Picture of the olive bracelet while on the wrist of someone driving

Listed among the market’s growing queue of life-enhancing wearable tech devices, the Olive bracelet is on a mission to zap stress from our super busy lives by subtly nudging us to pause and psychologically recharge.

Within its sophisticated, sleek design, the Olive bracelet brims with impressive technology. After connecting your Olive to its corresponding app (where you can monitor your stress-reduction progress), it will leverage its high-tech sensors to track and measure your heart rate, skin conductance (i.e. moisture), motion, ambient light and skin temperature. When the Olive detects a spike in the wearer’s stress levels an LED light is activated or gentle, haptic feedback is administered. A swift swipe across the surface of the bracelet indicates the wearer’s desire to pursue or reject the suggested stress-reduction exercise.

Once in sync with your calendar, location, data, activities and patterns, the Olive will leverage its algorithms to personalize your stress management experience to your individual liking. But don’t let the Olive figure you out on its own. You can just as easily communicate with it yourself, too. With a double tap, you can let it know when you’re feeling happy. That way, when reflecting upon your daily progress, you can both appreciate and learn from the course of your day leading up to that very moment of pure joy (that’s introspectively-driven wearable tech at its finest!). When you’re feeling otherwise, just rub the Olive to summon an immediate stress-reduction exercise.

Image of olive bracelet on someone's wrist

The Olive bracelet comes in three neutral colors, and is so lovingly designed that its wearers make managing stress look unobtrusive and stunning.

The Olive bracelet will be sold at retail for $150 in November of 2015. For those who can’t wait, backers of the Oliver bracelet’s Indiegogo page will enjoy a generous discount. And, in the meantime, while we wait to get our hands on one, let’s remember to breathe in, and breathe out. Namaste.

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