Wearing a Windsor Watch will make you stand out from the crowd

While fashions may come and go, the best designs can stand the test of time. The Windsor Watch collection looks set to endure, thanks to careful craftsmanship and elegant styling.

Wearing a Windsor Watch will make you stand out from the crowd

It seems like every man, woman and child wants to sell you a watch these days. You will find these brands in your Instagram feed and plastered across the jersey of your favorite sports team. Most of all, you will find them on Kickstarter. While many of these projects offer good quality at affordable prices, the vast majority cater only for men. Windsor Watch wants to help you stand out from the crowd, no matter your gender. The collection combines modern design with Swiss time-keeping. In addition, you can pick from 30 different styles.

stand out 05

Move over guys…

Stand out style

Many modern timepieces fit the current vogue — skeleton design, minimalism, and so on — but fail to satisfy in the long run. Rather than priceless heirlooms, they are merely another form of disposable fashion.

Windsor Watch hopes to escape this destructive cycle by creating the next generation of great timepieces. The collection includes two models that draw inspiration from the past, but ooze contemporary style. Furthermore, these watches should endure well into the future.

Design details

It’s clear that the folks who designed this collection worked like chefs, picking a multitude of ingredients to make something new. The resulting style is a unique blend.

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An offset face

Perhaps the most striking feature of the Windsor look is that offset dial. While the hands are placed centrally, the markers follow a circular geometric pattern on the face. This produces a striking 3D effect, which makes it appear like the face is tilting inside the glass.

[tweet_box]The Windsor Watch collection gives both gents and ladies the chance to own a slice of contemporary style at an affordable price.[/tweet_box]

Speaking of glass — the curved sapphire crystal provides good protection. The stainless steel case is also pretty robust, and water-resistant to 5 ATM. There are two sizes to choose from: 41 mm and 36 mm. Obviously, the latter is generally better suited to women. On the inside, each watch has a reliable Swiss Ronda movement.

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Perfect for women

Choose your look

To complement the watch, the folks at Windsor have designed an assortment of straps.

If your taste is traditional, the leather straps will probably catch your eye. They are crafted by hand in Italy, and the attention to detail shows. Alternatively, you may prefer the cleaner steel mesh band. The mesh is made up of delicate loops for a refined finish.

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Choose from leather or steel

Just as importantly, these options are truly affordable. With a base price of $160, the Windsor Watch collection offers tremendous value.

“99% of watches on Kickstarter are only for men. Windsor Watch provides gentlemen and ladies with a high quality watch, a unique design, and a Swiss movement.” — Windsor Watch

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Look this cool for less!

The good bits

The folks at Windsor Watches have struck a careful balance between price and quality. It would appear that no corners have been cut, yet the collection is open to any budget.

Early designs

The only note of caution is that these watches are yet to go into production. If you’re going to pre-order, bear in mind that there may be some bumps along the way.


– Kickstarter: Until May 5th

– Price: $160 USD

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