Wink HUB is the Future of All Types and Brands of Connected Products in the Smart Homes

Wink HUB is the Future of All Types and Brands of Connected Products in the Smart Homes

As the home becomes smarter with the advent of new products such as GE smart bulbs, Honeywell Smart Thermostat, and Kwikset SmartKey, the amalgamation of so many different products can make it hard to control them all simultaneously. Every product has a manufacturer that wants to promote their own software and apps but unless you buy all of your products from the same company, you’re going to have to download separate software or apps for each product. The Wink HUB seeks to fix that problem.


The Hub for All of Your Smart Products

The Wink HUB is the middle man between your smart products and how you control them. Without the HUB, you have to connect all of your products directly to the network which can be quite complicated and confusing then you have to deal with all different softwares or apps. The idea behind the HUB is to connect everything through one interface.

Connect the Wink HUB to your home network and then it will act as the interface for all of your smart devices and will give you the control over all of those devices from the Wink app. There are all sorts of possibilities, from proximity triggers to time controlled tasks and timers and alarm or even one click shortcuts to turn a designated set of products off all at once that are all programmable from the one app. If those kind of crazy things are too complicated, you can manually control all of your smart products with sliders and switches on the same app.

All of this works wirelessly, no need to connect the HUB via a hardline connection. All you need to do is a WiFi connection. That’s it. Connecting everything is much more simple than you would think and due to the wireless nature, you can put the HUB anywhere within your WiFi range and it will work.


Expensive? I Think Not!

All of this fancy technology seems very fancy and expensive but it’s really not. Even though the Wink HUB is just $49 by itself just from the Wink website, there is an ever better deal available from Amazon. If you buy a Wink HUB and and an eligible accessory from Amazon in the same purchase, you get $25 off the HUB. You can make your home smarter with less work and less money than you would think. With an ever growing lineup of compatible products, your home can continue to grow smarter and smart!

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