Get Perfect Posture With Zami Smart Stool

Get Perfect Posture With Zami Smart Stool

As I write this blog I’m sat on my bed scrunched over my laptop, which sits on a flimsy pillow to give it some height. My aching back has suffered through moving house this weekend and the seemingly only possible comfortable position to sit makes me look like the Hunchback of Notre Dame. I know it’s bad for me, but I can’t help it. Between my desk chair at work, the sofas in my lounge, and my home office (read: bed), I could really use a chiropractor. Zami stools were designed to help people like me: the sedentarily impaired.

Zami Life stools are the first and only to align your body and strengthen your core to improve your life, and health, all while giving you real time feedback. You can sit, stretch, and be told when to adjust your position to make your body stronger and your day more comfortable.

Zami in use

The Zami team are all about promoting good posture through active sitting. The design of Zami makes your spine adopt an optimal curve automatically, which engages your core and prevents compression and strain. Sitting in an active way, that is, a way that enables you to move, allows you to improve your health even by just sitting at your desk.

Zami app

The stool is fitted with pressure sensors that communicate with the dedicated Zami app via Bluetooth. After a brief setup and input of metrics (weight, etc.), you can begin improving and tracking your sitting habits all from your phone. The app monitors your time spent sitting, the quality of your sitting, exercises to improve your posture, calorie expenditure, and even the behavior of your sitting (such as fidgeting or pressure points). The app goes even further by giving you these real-time updates along with alerts to adjust your sitting or to get up and move. You can view your history and present it to your doctor or just to see how you’ve improved.

Zami aluminum

The stools themselves are luxurious and yet have a simple, contemporary look. The Dutch designers went for a European feel for Zami and include both laser cut aluminum or wood with options in beech, walnut, and oak to fit with any interior. The stools are about 18.5 inches tall, 19.5 inches across, and 15 inches wide. The aluminum stool weighs 3.9 kg and the wood is just 2.9 kg. Both stools have a removable genuine leather cushion.

Zami at the office

The Zami team went live on Indiegogo just two weeks ago and have more than doubled their $30k target. They’ve currently raised just under $80k, which means they’ve hit two stretch goals to enable the creation of iOS and Android apps. The next goals is $100k and the team will allow Zami to work with the Apple Watch. You can scoop up your own Zami on their campaign for a special low price of $749. Zami will begin to ship in November 2015.

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