ZJ-Marley Cell Phone Car Mount: Simple and Sweet

ZJ-Marley Cell Phone Car Mount: Simple and Sweet

In a wonderful twist of fate, I was given the opportunity to review a car mount for cellphones. I’ve been considering getting one as I carry both a review and personal phone and it gets quite annoying to carry both phones at the same time while driving. ZJ-Marley contacted me and now I am proud user of one of the cleverest and most useful little gadgets ever. It’s simple in implementation but solid where it counts. Don’t be put off by the generic name, the ZJ-Marley Cell Phone Car Mount is worth it.


Looks and What It Does

The product photos don’t lie, the ZJ-Marley Car Mount is a simple little thing. However, it is quite sturdy which I was not expecting at all partly because of the sale price of $12.99. It’s even strong enough to hold a Nexus 6 without sagging or breaking. Again, this was a surprise. The Nexus 6 is probably too large for some other similarly priced car mounts.

After a week, I am happy to report no build quality issues or any issue at all. And with a special coupon, RVNO58ZD, just for the readers of the Gadget Flow, $8.99 is an excellent price for a solid car mount. Go check out the ZJ-Marley Car Mount right now and don’t forget to enter the coupon code!

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