The 10 best outdoor security cameras to monitor your home

When it comes to protecting your home, technology has a lot to offer. Here are the best outdoor security cameras for keeping watch over everything you hold dear.

The 10 best outdoor security cameras to monitor your home
  • What is the difference between weatherproof and waterproof? The former usually means a device can withstand rain. If you want comprehensive protection, go for waterproof.
  • What is a smart security camera? Such devices offer additional intelligent features, such as motion detection and smart alerts.
  • What are the best smart home security gadgets? Check out our full collection for some great security upgrades.

We’ve all seen the viral videos across Facebook. The scene opens with an innocuous black and white view of someone’s front porch. Then, a shady individual steps into the frame and, within seconds, the dominating voice of the homeowner over speakerphone startles the intruder and stops them in their tracks. Millions of viewers breathe a collective sigh of relief and we all feel like justice has been momentarily served.

Believe it or not, a security system like this is well within your reach. Having the right camera can make all the difference. For this reason, we’ve searched for the best outdoor security cameras that will protect your home and provide peace of mind.

FLIR FX Outdoor Wireless HD Security Camera

best outdoor security cameras 011

FLIR FX camera

This weatherproof camera offers great image quality at an affordable price. The RapidRecap and SmartZone features allow you to view daily highlights on your phone.

Price: $149 USD

Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera

best outdoor security cameras 09

Nest Cam

With eight powerful LEDs, the Nest Cam provides 24/7 coverage. In addition, you can receive alerts on your phone whenever the camera detects a visitor to your property.

Price: $199 USD

Arlo Pro 2 Smart HD Security Camera by NETGEAR

best outdoor security cameras 07

Arlo Pro 2

The Arlo Pro 2 is truly waterproof, with a rating of IP68. Better still, this outdoor security camera has built-in night vision. As a result, intruders won’t even realize they are being watched.

Price: $189.99 USD

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Presence by Netatmo Security Camera with Smart Detection

best outdoor security cameras 06

Presence by Netatmo

This high-end camera from Netatmo can tell the difference between human visitors and animals or passing cars. With infrared night vision and a built-in floodlight, you have every base covered.

Price: $299.99 USD

LightCam Smart Light Socket Camera

best outdoor security cameras 010

LightCam security camera

As the name suggests, LightCam is a sneakily designed security camera that doubles as a front light. Via the companion app, you can set the bulb to turn on whenever motion is detected.

Price: $109 USD

YI Weatherproof Outdoor Camera 1080p

best outdoor security cameras 08

YI weatherproof camera

This weatherproof camera from YI offers 15 fps for night vision footage. It also provides alerts on your phone, and you can use the built-in speaker to talk to visitors and warn thieves.

Price: $89.99 USD

Reolink Argus 2 Wireless Rechargeable Security Camera

best outdoor security cameras 05

Reolink Argus 2

With a 130-degree wide angle lens, the Argus 2 can watch over your entire backyard. Furthermore, this camera has powerful night vision and two-way audio.

Price: $151 USD

SENS8 Light Cam Motion-Sensing Security Camera

best outdoor security cameras 04

SENS8 affordable camera

If you’re looking for something affordable, the SENS8 is a great option. This HD camera offers motion detection, a built-in light, and an alarm that you can trigger remotely.

Price: $69 USD

Toucan Outdoor Security Camera and Alarm by KUNA

best outdoor security cameras 03

Toucan security camera

The discreet Toucan security camera offers high-quality video in all lighting conditions. It also has a 100dB alarm that should send would-be thieves running for the hills.

Price: $139.95 USD

Ring 2 Rechargeable Battery Security Camera

best outdoor security cameras 02

Ring 2 smart doorbell

The Ring 2 is something a little different. This smart doorbell has an integrated camera, meaning you get a close-up view of anyone who stops by. Two-way audio means you can welcome delivery drivers and send off criminals.

Price: $199 USD

Best outdoor security cameras

No matter what kind of real estate you are trying to protect, these home security cameras should keep you covered.

What is your favorite home security gadget? Tell us in the comments!

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