“Alexa, flush the toilet” — All the best smart appliance trends of 2019

From Alexa-powered smart toilets to vibrant kitchen equipment, there are some striking trends emerging this year. Here are the best appliance trends of 2019 so far.

“Alexa, flush the toilet” — All the best smart appliance trends of 2019
  • Is there really such a thing as a smart toilet? Yes. In fact, smart bathroom tech was a major trend at CES 2019.
  • How can smart home tech help me in the kitchen? While smart ovens will take care of your meals, smart fridges can track the use-by date on food and order new supplies.
  • Can robots do all my household chores yet? Not all, but many. Robotic assistants can vacuum the floors, mow the lawn, and even fold our clothes.

Until recently, smart home innovation has centered on the more exciting aspects of domestic technology. But now that every TV and speaker is smart, big brands are starting to think about the more mundane devices in our homes. Here are the best smart appliance trends to look out for this year.

Voice control

Forecasts predict that 57% of consumers around the world will own a smart speaker by this time next year. So, it’s no surprise that almost all new smart home appliances offer at least some degree of voice control.

Of those, most support both Google Home and Amazon Alexa. A small minority work with Apple’s HomeKit — although IFTTT can provide a DIY connection in some cases.

Digital chefs

Until recently, smart kitchen appliances were direct replacements for their dumb counterparts. But device makers are now realizing that this area is ripe for innovation.

Take the example of Whirlpool’s smart ovens. Many have a Scan-to-Cook feature, where you can scan the barcode of any meal and allow the oven to handle the cooking process. Once the dish is recognized, you can even make a special request — chewy or crispy pizza crusts, for instance.

In addition, Whirlpool’s ovens integrate with Yummly — a smartphone app that offers recipe suggestions based on what you like. The app can even recognize when you’re missing key ingredients, and place an order with InstaCart.

Robotic assistance

As we reported recently, robots are coming on strong in 2019. Robo vacuums and lawn mowers are the most mature products in this space, but other forms of robotic assistance are quickly becoming available.

FoldiMate will neatly fold a pile of freshly washed clothes, Mousr will entertain your cat, and Herbot will take care of your kitchen garden.

[tweet_box]From Alexa-powered smart toilets to vibrant kitchen equipment, there are some striking trends emerging this year[/tweet_box]

Going green

As home appliances get smarter, they are also becoming greener. Device makers understand that many of us are eco-conscious, and everyone wants to reduce their energy bills.

The latest washing machines and space heaters are much more efficient than those made 10 years ago. In addition, smart power strips can automatically turn off appliances when you leave for work, saving money on bills and reducing the risk of electrical fires.

"Alexa, flush the toilet" — All the best appliance trends of 2019

LG’s Centrum smart fridge-freezer is very energy efficient

Into the bathroom

Believe it or not, technology is taking root in the bathroom. There was a royal flush of smart toilets at CES 2019, with features ranging from automatic cleaning to voice activation. Kohler’s Numi 2.0 toilet even has a built-in smart speaker and mood lighting.

The number of smart mirrors is also multiplying. Some, such as Mango, display health data. Others provide travel updates for your journey to work, or deliver live news while purifying the air.

A splash of color

Aside from technical updates, appliance makers are realizing that they don’t have to finish every product in white or polished metal. Look out for some vibrant hues this year, particularly in the kitchen.

SMEG and KitchenAid are taking the lead on this, with champagne-colored fridges and bold red mixers.

The best appliance trends

What features would you like to see in smart appliances? Share your ideas in the comments!

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