The best soundbars 2019 has to offer

For movie fans and music lovers, soundbars provide an excellent compromise between audio quality and size. Thinking of buying one? Here are the best soundbars we have come across in the past year.

The best soundbars 2019 has to offer
Sennheiser AMBEO 3D Soundbar in the Living Room
  • Do you have to use a soundbar with your TV? No, actually. While most soundbars are designed to live next to your TV, they all work as standalone sound systems.
  • What is the difference between a 2.1 and a 5.1 soundbar? The figure before the dot refers to the number of tweeters; the figure after the dot is the number of subwoofers.
  • What length soundbar do I need? For a good fit, get a soundbar that is at least five inches shorter than the diagonal size of your TV (e.g. 50-inch soundbar for a 55-inch TV).

Audiophiles will always cling to their multi-speaker sound systems. But for the rest of us, a good soundbar provides more than satisfactory audio quality. Of course, not all of these devices are made equal. To help you avoid wasting your money, we have compiled a list of the best soundbars of 2019 — here’s the line-up:

Sonos Beam

Measuring just 25.6 inches long, the Sonos Beam has five far-field microphones so you can speak to Amazon Alexa. The soundbar also works seamlessly with Apple AirPlay and any HDMI audio source.

Price: $399 USD

JBL Link Bar

With multiple 4K inputs, the JBL Link Bar is great for gamers. It offers impressive sound for such a slim device, and you can control the soundbar with your voice thanks to Google Assistant.

Price: $399.95 USD

Sony HT-Z9F

Combining Dolby Atmos technology with a 3.1 speaker set-up, the Sony HT-Z9F is able to mimic full surround sound. Along with the standard wired connections, the device has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi for wireless audio.

Price: $899.99 USD

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Polk Audio Command Bar

Thanks to DTS and Dolby audio, the Command bar provides compelling virtual surround sound. It works seamlessly with Alexa, and you can stream music directly from Pandora and Spotify thanks to Wi-Fi connectivity.

Price: $299.95 USD

Klipsch Heritage Theater Bar

The Klipsch Heritage is definitely a premium option. However, you get serious bang for your buck. The device packs three high-fidelity titanium speakers into a real wood case, which can be mounted on a rail beneath your TV.

Price: $2,199 USD

Bose Soundbar 500

With eight mics, the Bose Soundbar 500 can pick up your Alexa commands over music and movie soundtracks. A light strip shows when you have been “heard”, while Bluetooth and Wi-Fi provide wireless connectivity.

Price: $549 USD

Samsung R Series

With prices starting under $200, the R Series from Samsung offers a great compromise between quality and price. They work with Alexa and Samsung SmartThings, and you have the option to add a subwoofer for more bass.

Price: $199.99 USD

Sonos Playbar

The Playbar is more than five years old, but it’s still one of the best soundbars around. It has nine speakers in total, with Class-D digital amplifiers and Wi-Fi connectivity.

Price: $695.98 USD

Samsung Q Series

Designed to complement Samsung’s QLED screens, the Q Series soundbars deliver true cinematic audio at home. The flagship device has six speakers and adaptable sound, with a dedicated mode for gaming.

Price: $499.99 USD

Bang & Olufsen Beosound Stage

The first ever soundbar from Bang and Olufsen is on the way, and it’s a beast. This thing has a 50-watt amplifier attached to each of its 11 drivers, and you can choose from array of finishes.

Price: $1,750 USD, coming soon

Best soundbars 2019

A good soundbar can cover all your audio needs, from music to gaming. We believe the devices mentioned above are some of the best — but have we missed any? Tell us in the comments!

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