Best travel organizers to keep your cables in place

Wireless chargers are all the rage for good reason: we can finally get rid of pesky charging cables. Nevertheless, most of our devices don’t sport wireless charging technology yet. Until they do, here are some ways you can stay tidier with these travel organizers.

Best travel organizers to keep your cables in place
  • Is wireless taking over? While there are plenty of wireless chargers that really pack a punch, the technology still has a way to go before you can go completely wireless.
  • What is the perfect way to wrap cables? Apparently, there is a right way. If you don’t do it right, they’re sure to be a tangled mess by the time you reach your destination.
  • Are travel organizers really necessary? Yes. Not only do they keep your cables and other little necessities in place but they also help you pack more efficiently. In fact, now there are organizers available for literally everything!

Since the dawn of technology, cable management has always been an issue in our lives. Be it the TV or computer wires, they always seem to turn into a messy and tangled disaster that never goes away. Behind your desk, this mess is hardly noticeable. But, when it comes to your devices, it’s always a headache. Thanks to mobile technology, we are now facing the same issue with our charging cables and earphones. Until the world finally (read: successfully) goes wireless, this is exactly why we need travel organizers to keep things in place.

Keeping your earphones tidy

Let’s start with the one problem everyone has: earphones tangling. No matter how you wrap them, tie them, or place them, they will always become a nearly impossible knot in your pocket or bag. So, here are some solutions that make listening to your music less of a headache.

Cableyoyo By Bluelounge

Cableyoyo is an earbud cord spool with a magnetic center to keep earphones tidy and tangle-free while enabling quick winding and unwinding. Cableyoyo winds and unwinds earbuds in a matter of seconds (or less). Simply place your finger in the center of the spool, pull, and your earbuds are ready to rock.

Reusable Soft Leather Earphone Cable Organizer

Featuring soft and synthetic leather, this analog organizer fits your style just as much as your needs. The design is durable and unique yet practical as it’s complete with a snap fastener. Taking just seconds to put into place, the organizer is superbly lightweight.

Soft Leather Earphone Cable Organizer

Soft Leather Earphone Cable Organizer

Spool Cable Organizing Earphones

This ingenious device gives you instant storage for your cabled audio. The Spool Earphones come with their very own spool. When you’re not listening to music, you simply coil them around the spool for effortless storage.

Spool Cable Organizing Earphones

Spool Cable Organizing Earphones

Charing up tangle-free

Next in line are your charging cables. Although most of these cables do come with some sort of organizing tape or band in the box, this “solution” only keeps them neatly piled up for the first few seconds before you rip into the packaging. After that, you’re left untangling forever. As a result, these cables get damaged easily. Instead, you need a more durable solution like these:

Wallor Travel Cable Case

The sleek cable case gets rid of the problem by offering a place to store your cables neatly. With its 9cm diameter, the case comfortably fits in your pocket, making it an ideal EDC and travel companion.

Travel Cable Case

Travel Cable Case

Twelve South CableSnap Leather Cable Organizer

Featuring a single piece of leather, this nifty accessory makes tangles a thing of the past. The CableSnap comes in a set of three in two sizes. The large is great for your laptop cables while the small is ideal for earbuds and syncing cables.

The Cord-ganizer for iPhones by Kiko
The Cord-ganizer hooks around your square iPhone outlet charger, and the accompanying cord nestles easily into the attached loop for organized access to your charging cord when you need it most. Keeping everything safe and secure, this system puts your cable exactly where you’ll always need it.

The Cord-ganizer

The Cord-ganizer

For those that need even more organization

With all this tech in our lives, having a substantial organization system is necessary. Be it your power banks or USB cables or all the chargers for every gadget you own, these organizers can handle it all.

Side by Side Power Packer Slim Organizer

Featuring multiple compartments, the Power Packer conveniently fits all your tech fundamentals in one. The first compartment is ideal for larger items such as power adapters, travel converters, or even a selfie stick. Similarly, the second compartment features six elastic cable keepers to keep your cables neat and tidy.

Bookbook CaddySack Cable Travel Tote
Using premium materials, this case looks just like an old book or encyclopedia. However, when you open the zipper, you’ll find loads of storage options for your accessories. The CaddySack is compatible with a variety of cables, cords, and adapters to organize as you please.
Cable Travel Tote

Cable Travel Tote

Now that your tech life is a little more organized, you can tackle the rest of your life. Check out our entire collection here.

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