BioLite NanoGrid is Every Backpacker’s Dream

BioLite NanoGrid is Every Backpacker’s Dream

If you’re into camping, you must have already come across the BioLite Stove and Basecamp. The idea behind this company has been to design off-grid technologies that provide you with the energy you need to feel safe, productive, and connected with – the things we often take for granted in indoor, electrified environments. They want energy to reach you everywhere, even if it’s a camp site or some forlorn adventurous location. But at CES 2015 they took a step ahead into launching a different set of lighting + charging solution altogether. The purpose of launching such a system was very simple.

We often run out on our smartphone charge while our head light is still working and has got enough juice to power your smartphone. But how do you connect the two? How do you distribute power among your outdoor gear based on your preference? That’s the question BioLite NanoGrid answers! And that too with a beautiful solution you can carry on your camping trips and not run out on power or lighting just when you need them the most.

BioLite NanoGrid lighting plus charging system

As told by BioLite CEO and Co-founder Jonathan Cedar on their introductory press release, “It’s a flexible system that takes into account the various power needs of a user and allows them to share energy as they see fit – nothing is trapped.”

BioLite NanoGrid backpacking

Perfect Outdoor Gear For Campers

By using the NanoGrid you’ll be able to direct the energy depending on where you want it at a certain point in time. So if you think your camp needs to be lit up, just pair it up with the SiteLights. At other times, you can also use it to charge your smartphones whenever they run out of power. Shawn D. commented on the use of Nanogrid by saying, “I used the kit this past weekend in -16C temperatures, charged my iPhone from dead twice, and used the light itself for approximately 8 hours and still has 50% charge when I got home. 100% would recommend the NanoGrid to anyone looking to not only consolidate their lantern, flashlight and battery backup into one device.”

BioLite NanoGrid outdoor gear

The NanoGrid comes as a set of PowerLight + SiteLight. The PowerLight is the central hub of the system which is actually a 3-in-1 device. You can use it as a 200 Lm lantern, 250 Lm torch & powerbank at the same time. SiteLights are chainable and are overhead lights with 150 Lm each. They are powered by PowerLights and can be used to give your camp site the perfect light during those night outs.

BioLite NanoGrid review

Use Energy Based on Your Choice

If you’re wondering how strong the battery here is, let me tell you that it can fill 3.5 GoPros, 3 phones, or run light for up to 72 hrs. There are dimmable lighting modes with emergency strobe setting too. The PowerLights are USB rechargeable so you can choose to recharge them from an outlet or power them up from your BioLite CampStoves in case you run out of power on the site itself.

BioLite NanoGrid review

Additional features include the PowerLight’s 250 lumen focused torch which can be used for night time wayfinding. You’ll also admire the warm ambient light from the lantern and make good use of it amidst nature. Using the entire system, you can easily light up your camp site with up to 40 ft of reach. Always make sure to conserve energy with the help of the dimmable features as and when you don’t require the lights.

BioLite NanoGrid outdoor gear review

You can purchase the PowerLight + SiteLight for $99.95 only and make your camping be a wonderful journey of a lifetime. On this Earth Day, we hope all of you enjoy the beauty of nature with BioLite by your side. I can’t wait to try the NanoGrid while I head off for a camping trip soon. Happy Gadgeting!

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