This CarPlay wireless adapter makes your wired CarPlay setup work wirelessly

You love that Apple CarPlay gives you a smarter, safer way to drive. The only downside? You have to connect your phone to your car's headset every time you get in. This can be tedious if you use your vehicle multiple times a day. The CPLAY2air, however, will make your connection wireless. Read more about how this gadget can give you a seamless CarPlay experience.

This CarPlay wireless adapter makes your wired CarPlay setup work wirelessly
Wireless Adapter and its Box

Nobody, especially not you, likes wires. Not in your home office, not in your living room, and certainly not in your car. But what can you do if your vehicle only supports a wired CarPlay connection? Luckily, you’ve got options, namely the CPLAY2air factory CarPlay wireless adapter. This convenient little gadget turns your wired CarPlay setup into a wireless one.

Shaped and sized like an external hard drive, this CarPlay Wireless adapter is a discreet way to cut down on wire clutter in your car. Just plug this gadget into your car and set it on the center console. Once you set up the CPLAY2air, it will automatically connect to your phone via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, every time you step into your car. This means you won’t have to fumble with wires before you head out. The CPLAY2air lets you get in your car and drive.

CPLAY2air Factory CarPlay Wireless Adapter

CPLAY2air Factory CarPlay Wireless Adapter in a Car

CPLAY2air Factory CarPlay Wireless Adapter

CPLAY2air Factory CarPlay Wireless Adapter in a Person’s Hands

CPLAY2air Factory CarPlay Wireless Adapter

CarPlay Wireless Adapter on a Red Car Seat

CPLAY2air Factory CarPlay Wireless Adapter

CPLAY2air Factory CarPlay Wireless Adapter in a Car

Provides a stable connection

The CPLAY2air factory wireless adapter gives that to you. This gadget offers a seamless experience for uninterrupted audio. The company designed and built its chip in house and sourced the main module directly from Apple for a reliable, high-quality listening experience. So you won’t have any lapses when you’re listening to your favorite music or podcasts. And those calls? They’ll come through crystal clear.

Supports most vehicle makes and models

You won’t have to worry about your car not supporting this device since it’s compatible with most makes and models. From Audis to Dodges and Ferraris to Hondas, this wireless CarPlay adapter will probably work in your car as long as it’s 2015 or newer.

Works with older iPhones . . .

You probably don’t have an old smartphone, but it’s no problem if you do. The CPLAY2air supports the iPhone 5 up to the iPhone 11 Pro. That’s quite a range. As far as iPhone accessories go, we’re sure you’ll find this to be one of the most useful you’ve ever purchased.

. . . and aftermarket head units

Did you install an aftermarket head unit in your car? We don’t blame you, and neither does CPLAY2air. That’s why this CarPlay wireless adapter also supports head units from Pioneer, Alpine, and Kenwood. You like quality sound, and this gadget helps you get it.

Offers updates

Don’t sit around waiting or the next model of CPLAY2air because this wireless CarPlay adapter will come with updates. That’s right: the adapter easily receives updates for free. Now that’s a product that holds its value.

Delivers 24/7 customer service

And another attribute of a great product is customer service. For a relatively small gadget like this one, consumers wouldn’t normally expect it to be supported by a team. But the CPLAY2air factory CarPlay wireless adapter provides 24/7 tech support to answer your questions and can help you set up or update the device. So that means, any time you have a question or an issue, you can call the team—even late at night—and someone will be there to help.

So are you ready to clean up your car clutter and just get in your car and go? I know I am. This gadget is unbelievably useful since it connects to your phone as soon as you get in. And, since the CPLAY2air is compatible with so many cars and phones, it’s bound to work for you. This CarPlay wireless adapter even connects to Siri for added convenience. Really, this gadget makes a wireless, hands-free smartphone experience possible as well as enjoyable.

The CPLAY2air is discounted to $129.95 right now. Buy yours on the company’s official website.

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