Cassia Hub Is the Tool to Make Your Home Smarter

Cassia Hub Is the Tool to Make Your Home Smarter

In the modern home we have loads of smart devices for just about every process. We have smart thermostats that learn our habits, we have smart shower monitors to track our water and energy consumption, and we even have a smart trash can that sweeps up the dirt pile for us. The only thing we don’t have is enough range on our Bluetooth devices to remain connected as we move through the house. But with the Cassia Hub, that all changes.

Recently launched at CES in early January, the Cassia Hub uses enabling technology to give us a faster and more reliable long range Bluetooth connection. With a single hub, you can extend the Bluetooth range to more than 30 times what devices typically offer, bringing your entire home to your fingertips.

Cassia Hub

The Cassia Hub seeks out devices with more Bluetooth signal sensitivity than others and brings them to your device. It also filters out noise to make the connection faster and more reliable than ever before. With all of your Bluetooth devices connected to the Hub, you can control each of them through the Cassia app and even set them up to be automated. For instance, you can have your smart light bulbs dim when you turn on your smart TV or even your door to unlock when you get home. With a strong connection and the app as a central control center, the possibilities are endless.

Cassia Hub signal

The technology behind the Cassia Hub is ground-breaking. The team of engineers have made Bluetooth able to perform like Wi-Fi, not losing signal just because you’ve moved more than the standard 30 feet away. In fact, with Cassia Hub, you can get a Bluetooth range of up to 1000 feet in an open area with no walls or a range that can go through three walls total. With those numbers, that’s enough to fill most houses with Bluetooth. The Hub can also connect to up to 22 devices simultaneously, more than enough for your smart outfitted home.

Cassia app

The actual hub itself is more compact than you’d think. Coming in a sleek and fresh white cylinder with an opaque shield, the Cassia Hub is less than 5 inches across and only 7.8 inches in height. Working with Bluetooth LE as well as Classic, it also comes equipped with Ethernet and USB 2.0 ports in the back. The power cord also plugs neatly in the back, helping to conceal any wires when it’s all set up. The entire unit weighs a sturdy 1.5 pounds so it won’t easily topple over.

Cassia Hub back

Although incredible technology lies behind the Cassia Hub, extended Bluetooth range is still only a luxury as devices and users rely on Wi-Fi. However, this could be the start of a wider adoption and Bluetooth may be the only way forward. The Cassia Hub is available now for $99.99 and it will ship in the first quarter of 2016. Make sure you check out the rest of the amazing products we found at CES 2016.

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