CliniCloud Brings Your Doctor To You

CliniCloud Brings Your Doctor To You

Thanks to gadgets, there is so much convenience in our lives. We can start our cars from our comfy warm homes, we can have a cup of coffee brewed and poured in mere seconds, and we can even monitor our pets while we’re at work. For some reason, beyond fitness trackers, we’ve been slow to get medical gadgets into our lives. CliniCloud have come up with a medical kit of the future designed for the home so you can have answers and peace of mind instantly.

CliniCloud takes the two most important tools of the doctor’s office and brings them to your home. Using a smartphone, the stethoscope and non-contact thermometer record your vitals to be sent off to your doctor. You can avoid the queues and germs that come with a doctor’s office in February.

The app comes free for iOS and Android 4.3 and higher. It connects with the thermometer via Bluetooth while the digital stethoscope is wired to ensure bigger, clearer data. The CliniCloud app records and stores your vitals over time so you can view trends, changes, and understand more about your health. You can view informed opinions based on your results as well as step-by-step guides to make sure you’re getting the most you can from the gadgets.

Stethoscope with child

The stethoscope is made from aluminium, polyester, and rubber. With ease you’re able to record the sounds of your heart and lungs. It’s wired to your smartphone in order to record audio directly to you device. At just 40 grams, it’s only 25 millimeters tall and 36 millimeters around, which makes it great for travel and storage.

Contact-less Thermometer

The real show stopper is the thermometer. The non-contact thermometer uses infrared scanners, which examine the superficial temporal artery that runs across your forehead. Using similar technology in airports or in-ear thermometers, it only takes 200 milliseconds to get a reading within 1 °C from 2.3 centimeters from your skin. At just 85 grams, the thermometer is 115 millimeters by 36 millimeters. It’s powered by two AAA batteries and should last for about 7200 recording sessions.

CliniCloud in case

In addition to providing instant in-home results for your vitals, CliniCloud has been in partnership with to bring you face to face with a doctor based on your results. Or, your results can also be sent via email or SMS to your own doctors. They can review the information, such as listening to chest sounds, and give you feedback about whether your cough is just a cold or something more. Either way, you’re able to avoid lines, co-pays, and germs and still get the answers you need.

Kit with app

However ingenious it is to bring the clinic to the home, Sarah Buhr of TechCrunch reminds us that a stethoscope and thermometer without all the bells and whistles could cost less than a third of the price. But, having quick, reliable, and a history of your vitals makes the gadget worth the price.

As Tim Spears of designboom mentions, one of the best parts is that your entire family’s vitals can be stored in a single app. You can see if a cold is working its way around or if you should be seeing the doctor for something more advanced.

CliniCloud kit

The future for CliniCloud holds many possibilities. Co-founder Andrew Lin would like to add more tools to the range as well as Windows phone capability, a variety of colours, and four more languages (Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, and French).

Shipping beginning in July, CliniCloud can be pre-ordered at a discounted rate for $109 (£70). The full price will be $149 (£96) after the promotion ends.

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