These corporate gifts will make a good first impression

Building a strong working relationship is an essential part of striking any worthwhile deal. These amazing corporate gifts should help you show your appreciation.

These corporate gifts will make a good first impression
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Building bridges

Money and power count for a lot in business. But ultimately, it’s the relationships you form with clients and partners that will deliver success. People still like signing contracts with a friendly face, after all. Building these relationships takes time and effort. You need to treat people with respect and do your best to accommodate the other party’s needs. Just like any personal friend, you might also want to treat them every so often. These corporate gifts should help you cement relationships and seal the deal.

Perfect pens

If you want to say a simple thank-you, gifting a pen is a good idea. These beautiful quills will serve as an enduring reminder of any successful deal.

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The Ystudio Fountain Pen

Portable Fountain Pen by Ystudio

Any client who receives this Ystudio pen will feel pretty special. It feels great in the hand, with a precision German Schmidt nib for smooth lines. You even get a beautiful case made from sycamore wood.

Price: $150 USD

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Pen Comet

Pen Comet Minimalist Pen

Of course, not everyone uses fountain pens. This stylish ballpoint is a little more practical, with a clever magnetic cap that sticks to the pen while you’re writing. Meanwhile, the pen is available in three different metallic finishes.

Price: $25 USD

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Modern Fuel Mechanical Pencil 2.0

Modern Fuel Mechanical Pencil 2.0

Okay, so this isn’t strictly a pen — but the quality is something to behold. Made entirely from metal, this mechanical pencil is perfectly balanced in the hand. You can even choose between multiple lead sizes.

Price: $90 USD

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Laptop leather

Most people own laptops nowadays, so bags and sleeves make great gifts. These stylish accessories should impress any valued client.

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Beautiful leather

Handmade Leather Messenger Bag

When all you need to carry is your laptop and a few small items, this classic messenger bag is perfect. It comes in four beautiful colors, with YKK zippers and a 15-inch compartment inside for your computer.

Price: $125 USD

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Macbook sleeve

Harber London Slim Leather MacBook Sleeve Case

This sleeve by Harber London is surely the most stylish way to protect any laptop. Made from full grain vegetable tanned leather, it works perfectly with any 13-inch or 15-inch laptop, including MacBooks and Dell XPS machines.

Price: $82.50

Little luxuries

While grand gestures are difficult to ignore, many clients will be just as happy to receive small yet useful items. Here are some neat gadgets that fit the bill.

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Keep your accessories safe

Waterproof Mobile Storage Bag

From laptop chargers to vital USB sticks, this waterproof pouch will keep your peripherals safe in any weather. The wool and leather design also looks great in the office.

Price: $63

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ProBASE HD USB-C Aluminum Monitor Stand

This clever stand works as a hub for all your USB and HDMI inputs. You simply plug everything into ProBASE, and attach one USB-C cable to your laptop. Genius.

Price: $189 USD

Original ideas

It can be tricky buying corporate gifts for long-term clients. They probably have the pen, the bag, and many other items by now — but these products offer something fresh.

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Digital blackboard

Blackboard Electronic Writing Tool

Explaining ideas to your colleagues can be hard, but this e-blackboard should help. It offers on-screen lines, dots and grids, while the transparent display lets you trace over anything you see.

Price: $45

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UX cards

UX Kits Wireframe Card Deck

Want to say thank you to a design team? This pack of cards will make someone’s day. They allow designers to create a mockup of any app or website without being near a monitor.

Price: $19

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Custom stickies (Credit: Engadget)

Cubinote Sticky Note Printer

Sticky notes are an essential part of any office. This innovative device lets you print out custom stickies, helping you pass on information and troll your colleagues with ease.

Price: $125

Corporate Gifts

As you can see, there are many ways to treat your clients and business partners. Just one stylish $25 pen could be enough to earn repeat business for years to come.

What are the best corporate gifts you’ve ever received? Tell us in the comments!

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