How to Do An Outstanding Crowdfunding Email Marketing Campaign?

How to Do An Outstanding Crowdfunding Email Marketing Campaign?

Just like email marketing constitutes over 7% of all e-commerce transactions, crowdfunding email marketing is essential for all campaigners too. This is because checking emails is more of an everyday activity for us nowadays. This will increase your chances of using this channel as a valuable platform to gain more backers, only if you can stand out from everyone else trying to do the same. According to surveys, “80% of people say they receive marketing messages alongside their personal emails on a daily basis.” Now the point boils down to one important segment – Designing your newsletters!

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Though many consumers agree that they do subscribe to newsletters to receive special discounts and offers on products, read valuable content and so on. But you should always remember that your newsletter should never look spammy. Like my previous posts on The Art Of Describing Products and Product Photography, here are some tips on how you can make your newsletter campaigns tick. Always remember, the more you think like your backers, the more you grow towards having a successful crowdfunding campaign.

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Go For These Crowdfunding Email Marketing Tactics

1. The very first criteria you must choose efficiently is a proper email marketing software. MailChimp is, of course, one of the most popular ones in this sector. But you can go for other interesting solutions such as MailerLite, Mad Mimi, and Vertical Response.

2. Don’t make your newsletter designs too wordy or colorful. It should be a good blend of everything and not a polychromatic mayhem!

3. You can change the format and the design based on what you announce. But try to stick to something simple and catchy.

4. Work on the subjects and target towards going for clickbait titles. This tool can be of good help.

5. Go for personalized emails instead of generic ones. It always adds an extra edge!

6. Your most prized backers deserve special attention. Try to make them feel more special with offers and discounts once your project gets over!

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7. Lastly, try to combine your social campaigns with the newsletters. According to a survey in which a leading U.S. retailer targeted 565,000 email subscribers with both its regular emails and coordinated Facebook News Feed ads, email openers who saw an ad are more likely to purchase. In this case, you can urge them to go ahead and back your crowdfunding campaign.

best crowdfunding email marketing tips

What else would you do or have done to make your crowdfunding email marketing campaign out of the box? Share with us in the comments below.

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