Finally, there’s a woman’s workwear line that combines style with performance

Frustrated by the lack of professional workwear options for women? Check out the llowel inclusive quality workwear line.

Finally, there’s a woman’s workwear line that combines style with performance
llowel quality workwear supports artisan women

Get workwear that fits your professional goals and style when you go for llowel. This new women’s workwear line looks great and stands up to a day on-site, at the studio, in a workshop, and more.

Maybe you’re an artist who welds. Or perhaps you’re an architect who inspects construction sites daily. Regardless, when you’re a woman in an artisan field, you need clothing that can handle on-site work and look good. But the trouble is, there aren’t many options on the market that do both.

And that’s where llowel quality workwear comes in. This line of workwear apparel for women combines thoughtful designs with high-quality, functional materials in an inclusive range of sizes. Let’s check it out.

llowel quality workwear on a woman on-site

This workwear line for women fulfills a need in the market

If you’re a woman who works in a hands-on field, your professional clothing options include bulky work suits originally designed for men or stylish apparel that’s not as durable.

For the many women who work as designers, engineers, horticulturists, etc., that’s an issue. And it’s the driving inspiration for the founders of llowel.

Their search for high-quality, professional-looking workwear in their fields was exhausting. They were also disheartened to find that clothing companies had no real vision for women in the industry.

So it’s something they decided to change. Taking inspiration from the Lowell Mill Girls, the first union for working women in the United States, the founders created their line of workwear for women.

llowel quality workwear on a woman outdoors

The brand emphasizes fit and funtionality

With this woman’s workwear line, you won’t have to arrive at the worksite in bulky, unimaginative clothes that restrict your movement. The creators spent many hours focusing on the line’s fit and performance.

So their first workwear kit, The llowel Uniform, moves with you and feels comfortable. What’s more, the clothing looks professional; you’ll be ready for on-site meetings with your clients.

llowel quality workwear on a woman at work

Inclusive women’s sizes provide comfort

No matter your body type, you want to be comfortable and look professional at work. Don’t worry; the founders of llowel quality workwear understand.

They’ve worked extensively on making their clothing line size-inclusive, focusing on a wide range of sizes for everyone.

llowel quality workwear close up

Tests ensure the gear’s durability

To ensure their brand’s durability and quality, the company is currently establishing physical protocols for testing its products with Eurofins Modern Testing Services, a regarded partner in the industry.

llowel quality workwear The Longsleeve

Sustainable materials comprise this women’s work apparel

Moreover, the team selects high-quality sustainable materials for its women’s workwear line. For example, their Tee uses only 100% organic CRS cotton, and the denim comes from responsibly sourced cotton through Cone Denim.

llowel quality workwear on a woman walking

The llowel Uniform is the company’s first workwear kit

The company has already designed its first workwear kit: The llowel Uniform. It has everything a woman needs for on-site work. Let’s look at each of the pieces.

llowel quality workwear T-Shirt

The Chore Coat

The Chore Coat is a practical yet stylish outerwear coat with oversized front pockets in a durable material. Available in 5 colors, it lets you wear a different one every day of the week.

The Work Pant

The Work Pant features a comfortable straight-leg fit that won’t get in the way while you move around the studio. Like the Chore Coat, it also comes in 5 lovely colors.

The Button Down

A good button-down shirt is essential for creating a professional look. This one is durable and cut with a woman’s shape in mind. The white and light blue colors pair well with the Work Pant and Chore Coat.

The Teeeeeeee

Finally, the Teeeeeeee offers breezy comfort in warm conditions and on hot days. The women’s workwear line offers white, black, and blue color options.

llowel quality workwear in a video

The capsule collection launches the Kickstarter campaign

The company designed a cool capsule collection specifically for Kickstarter. It includes The Longsleeve, The Dad Tee, The Bandana, The Tote, and The Beanie—all with unique designs.

Quality apparel inspires women to reach their goals

When your work clothing is customized to your shape and looks professional, it’s easier to feel like you belong in that industry. And when you have that idea, there’s nothing that can stop you.

It’s this kind of thought that llowel quality workwear hopes to foster and support.

The made-to-order program reduces waste

Moreover, the company plans to keep its operations sustainable through a made-to-order program. This setup reduces waste since the company will produce items on a small scale.

Meanwhile, the brand uses compostable poly mailers, post-consumer recycled packaging materials, and paper trim.

See our final thoughts

llowel is a much-needed women’s workwear line. Its clothing provides style and function for women who work on-site, in a workshop, outdoors, etc. End the search for suitable work apparel for women by supporting this brand.

Want to help make this line of women’s workwear a reality? Back its Kickstarter campaign for $35. What gear do you rely on for work as an artisan? Tell us about it in the comments.

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