In a Crisis, the Pioneering G.E.O.D. Backup Generator Needs No Fuel

In a Crisis, the Pioneering G.E.O.D. Backup Generator Needs No Fuel

Outside the major cities of the world, access to reliable power is not a forgone conclusion. In fact, you only need to go camping for the weekend to experience a world without wall sockets. Solar power can provide a trickle of electricity, but only enough to charge your phone once each day. If you need something more, you should consider using the G.E.O.D. backup generator. This emergency power supply works anywhere, requires no fuel, and emits no pollution.

– Generator uses potential energy amplification technology for fuel-free power

– Fridge-sized unit can deliver 4,000 watts of clean energy, with no pollution

– Perfect for camping, prepping, working with power tools, home power, and more

Pioneering Backup Generator

As fossil fuels gradually run their course, our future energy demands are becoming a significant concern. Renewable energy sources are improving quickly, but many rely on atmospheric conditions. Cloudy day? Bad luck for your solar panels. No wind? I guess that turbine is out of action.

It’s so often the case that big problems can be solved with simple solutions. By all accounts, G.E.O.D. seems to adhere to this old adage. This fridge-sized unit utilizes the power of springs to deliver electricity on demand. It works much like a self-winding watch — technology that is now more than 200 years old.

Clean and Green

The technology behind G.E.O.D. is known as potential energy amplification. If you were to open up the prototype, you would find an impressive array of springs, cogs and electrical parts. It all sounds quite complex, but the principle is straightforward.

backup generator 1

Two large springs provide the power, which is then amplified by a series of speed increasers. This in turn drives a turbine, much like the ones used to generate power from the wind.

Most of the generated electricity is available for use. However, a small amount is reserved for reloading the springs. This means G.E.O.D. can keep going by itself. You can think of the whole thing as being like a giant self-winding watch mechanism.

backup generator 5

Except, this device does not tell the time. What G.E.O.D. does do is power your entire home. With 4,000 watts to play with, you can bring electricity to your campsite or work with power tools in the wilderness. The generator is also great for emergency situations.

backup generator 2

In fact, you could describe G.E.O.D. as the ultimate power supply for preppers. When the end of the world comes a-callin’, this generator could keep your crops growing in an underground bunker.

backup generator 4

Alternatively, you might see G.E.O.D. as a possible saviour for our planet. The device needs no gas or fuel of any kind. Consequently, it releases no harmful greenhouse gases.

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“We are so happy to introduce G.E.O.D and to announce that our machine is around 96% efficient. We can now make the units in very small or very large application sizes. Now that we can share with the world how G.E.O.D works, we are confident we will see an outpour of support from our local and nationwide sponsors” — Inventors, LLC

backup generator 3

What We ❤️

Powering the world without using our planet’s finite resources is something we all need.

Future Designs

Given that G.E.O.D. is at the prototype stage, we are looking forward to seeing how the finished generator works!


– IndieGoGo: Until August 4th

– Pledge: $3,800 USD

– Delivery: April 2018

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