Feeling competitive? microDMG is the ultimate RC racing game

Who says that RC cars are only for kids? The microDMG Buggy is a pocket-sized speedster that turns your floor into a race track. You can even race against your friends and grab Mario Kart-style powerups.

Feeling competitive? microDMG is the ultimate RC racing game
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Ever played Mario Kart? Most people have. This Nintendo classic is often described as the ultimate party game. Anyone can play, but the best drivers deploy a surprising amount of strategy.

Of course, the fantastical circuits of Mario Kart are confined to a screen. But what if you could turn the office into a race track? The microDMG Buggy makes this dream come true. This RC car can speed across any surface, and you can race against your friends on tiny tracks filled with powerups and obstacles.

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Buried beneath the professional exterior, there’s a big kid inside every adult. Most of the time, this inner child is suppressed. But given the slightest opportunity, that big kid will come bursting through.

You can see this transformation when any adult starts playing with the microDMG Buggy. Using your smartphone as the controller, you can send this little car hurtling across the floor of your home or office.

However, the real fun starts when your friend brings along their Buggy. Using the parts that come with each car, you can build the ultimate circuit. It’s a great way for racers of all ages to get competitive.

Smart racing technology

rc car - Feeling competitive? microDMG is the ultimate RC racing game

The Buggy is one smart RC car

You might be wondering what separates the microDMG Buggy from any other RC car. The answer lies in the smart racing technology hidden within these tiny vehicles.

rc car - Feeling competitive? microDMG is the ultimate RC racing game

Collect powerups with your Buggy

Each Buggy comes with a set of paper-thin circles, each a different color. You can think of these as just like the powerups and obstacles in Mario Kart. When your Buggy drives over a circle, a sensor on the underside picks up the color and the car reacts accordingly.

rc car - Feeling competitive? microDMG is the ultimate RC racing game

Race against your friends with microDMG

Drive over a yellow circle and you will receive a short speed boost. The green circle slows down your opponents, and the light blue circle provides immunity. However, avoid the slow dark blue circle and steer clear of the red circle if you don’t want to spin.

“As long as your Apple or Android phone or tablet is BLE compatible, the Buggy should work with your device. Within the app, we will offer multiple ways you can control the Buggy. Our favorite so far is tilt to steer. The Buggy offers a complex AWD system and allows for fine-tuning of controls.” — microDMG on Kickstarter

Great multiplayer racing

For anyone who loves to race, the microDMG buggy is pure fun. It’s easy to control, small enough to fit in your pocket, and powerful enough to motor across any indoor surface.

Future designs

Although these cars have working headlamps and tail lights, the simple shape and color scheme is a little underwhelming. We hope to see some sporty decals and fun shapes in future editions.


– Kickstarter: Until April 11th

– Pledge: $59 USD

– Delivery: September 2019

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