PancakeBot: Print Fun Pancakes Every Morning

PancakeBot: Print Fun Pancakes Every Morning

Need something to spice up your morning routine? Instead of making a stronger cup of coffee, you should try printing pancakes using the PancakeBot.

PancakeBot printing a butterfly

Print Pancakes from the Comfort of Your Home

The PancakeBot is one of the most exciting kitchen gadgets today. The device can be used to print customized, edible pancakes. Turn works of art, logos or funny animal-shaped characters into tasty breakfast. If you have kids, the food printer can give them something to look forward to every morning.

Based on the fully-funded Kickstarter campaign, the gadget’s key features include:

1. Simple to use interface & screen to select image

2. SD card slot for your custom designs

3. Batter flow pressure control

4. Print while the griddle is off or completely removed

5. Pause/resume printing

6. Easy to clean

7. Removable griddle

8. BPA free 

9. User manual with batter recipes

10. Collapsible for storage

11. Mac and Windows compatible software

12. Access to video tutorials and downloadable files ready for printing

13. Approx. print size 16.0″ x 8.3″ (430mm x 210mm)

PancakeBot being flipped over with a spatula

Simple Design and Print Process

The PancakeBot comes with imaging software that allows you to load and edit designs onto the printer. Users can decided which lines are pumped out first for complete control of the printing process. After the image has been traced, simply fill the compartment with batter and load the SD card with the final design into the device.

PancakeBot at an event

Perfect For Business Branding and Events

In addition to printing fun pancake images at home, the PancakeBot is perfect for restaurants and buffet tables. It’s a creative way to incorporate a logo during product launches, business conferences and marketing campaigns.

Pancakes are universal across a wide range of cultures and countries around the globe. The popular breakfast dish is easy to relate to, making it an ideal offering for any company event. Clients can easily remember your business when they experience a fully-customized pancake.

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