10 Personal vehicles that are as fun as they are eco-friendly

Who said being green had to be boring? If you live in a city, cycling or skating to work can save you time and money. These personal vehicles are fun and eco-friendly in equal measure, making every journey better.

10 Personal vehicles that are as fun as they are eco-friendly
Skateboard, Stehroller, and Monowheel Collage
  • What kind of personal vehicles are best for commuting? E-bikes and e-scooters allow you to zoom past the traffic without getting sweaty.
  • Are electric skateboards easy to ride? Most are. Once you get the hang of turning, you can control the speed manually.
  • What electric personal vehicles have the longest range? In general, e-scooters and e-bikes have the longest range. Some can keep going for more than 60 miles.

There’s no denying that driving fast cars can be fun. But to save the world, we need to start trading in gas guzzlers for something more eco-friendly. Sounds boring? These personal vehicles should change your mind.

MiniFalcon Ultra-Compact Foldable E-Scooter

Weighing just 17 pounds, this lightweight scooter can hit 15.5mph on the road. When you reach your destination, MiniFalcon folds up small enough to fit in a backpack.

Price: $364 USD

Headless Electric Cruiser Lightweight E-Skateboard

Most electric skateboards come with a remote. But with Headless, you simply push and place your foot on a button to control your speed.

Price: $199 USD

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DRR Stealth Silent Electric ATV

Fancy going off-road? This powerful ATV has a top speed of 35mph, thanks to an almost-silent electric motor. It has a range of 35 miles and a ground clearance of 12 inches.

Price: $7,599 USD

Actev Arrow Smart-Kart Electric Go-Kart

For kids, the Actev Arrow offers an exciting, eco-friendly ride. Dual 250W motors drive pneumatic wheels, while proximity sensors and GPS help to keep your child safe.

Price: $1,499.95 USD

Novus Electric Carbon Fiber Motorcycle

This eye-catching carbon fiber bike has a 6.2KW brushless motor, allowing Novus to reach 60 mph. It’s very easy to ride, and the bike uses your phone as a dash.

Price: $34,000 USD, pre-order

unu Scooter Smart Electric Vehicle

Combining style and sport, unu evokes the spirit of a classic Vespa. The difference is, this little beauty reaches 28mph on clean, green electrical power.

Price: $3,083.09 USD

FUELL Fluid Long-Range Commuter E-Bike

If you want to make your ride to work more fun, get FUELL Fluid. This impressive e-bike has a range of 125 miles, with eight-speed hub gears taking you up to 28 mph.

Price: $2,813 USD

ionboard Premium Electric Skateboard

Shaped like a longboard, this durable e-board glides through the traffic at up to 25mph. Just as importantly, the motor is powerful enough to tackle steep inclines.

Price: $499 USD

FR/1 Extreme Performance Electric Bike

The FR/1 surely offers the most excitement you can have with an electric vehicle. Half MTB, half dirt bike, this off-road monster can reach 62mph. Meanwhile, Fox 2017 shocks absorb the bumps.

Price: $8811.98 USD, coming soon

Onewheel Pint Mini Electric Board

For pure fun, nothing beats the Onewheel Pint. This self-balancing one-wheeler is perfect for the city streets, with a top speed of 16mph and impressive brakes.

Price: $950 USD

The best eco-friendly personal vehicles

Whether you’re looking for a speed machine or a green way to get to work, these personal vehicles should make the journey more interesting.

What is your favorite electric vehicle? Tell us in the comments!

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