The PowerWatch Smartwatch Charges Itself with Your Body Heat

The PowerWatch Smartwatch Charges Itself with Your Body Heat

We’ve come such a long way in compact devices. With the first smartphone released in 2000, smartwatches are the latest frontier. While there are many on the market, they all have one annoying feature: short battery life. But, that all changes with the Matrix PowerWatch because:

– it recharges automatically
– it’s powered by you
– it provides all-day tracking

Sleek, stylish, and intuitive to use, the PowerWatch is the world’s first smartwatch that never requires charging. Instead of fussing with cables and adapters, this nifty wearable is totally powered by your body heat.

self-charging smartwatch

A Smarter Smartwatch

Your first thought may be that you’ll need to keep this watch on your wrist 24/7 but that’s not the case. When it’s not worn, the PowerWatch instantly stores your data with its on-board memory and goes to sleep until you wear it again. Awoken by the power generated by body heat, the PowerWatch also has a power meter on the display so you can see just how much energy you’re producing.

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21st Century Tracking

Because the PowerWatch is so in tune with your body, its ability to track your fitness is unmatched. This wearable uses advanced thermoelectric technology to monitor and track the amount of calories you’ve burned throughout the day. Additionally, the PowerWatch tracks your activity, such as steps and distance, as well as your quality of sleep. Water resistant to 50 meters, it even tracks your water-based activities with ease. All of this information is instantly accessible at a glance and pairs with the smartphone app so you can track your progress.

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A Watch for All Occasions

The PowerWatch achieves a sporty yet classic design through the use of quality materials such as aircraft-grade aluminum. Automatically adjusting itself to your current time zone and syncing with your smartphone, you can also change the face of the PowerWatch to suit your mood. Opt for a funkier dial-based view or swap out for an elegant and easy to read design.

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What We Love

It appears this smartwatch has it all. Covering all aspects of your life, you won’t find yourself needing an activity tracker, analogue watch, or anything else!

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What We’d Like to See in the Future

We just love the sleek design of the watch but would like a pop of color. Perhaps the interchangeable display could incorporate color themes to really capture our moods.

self-charging smartwatch


Indiegogo: Campaign until the end of December
– Pledge: Early Bird $129, bulk buying discounts available
– Timeline: Ships in July 2017

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