Snap the best bird shots with the Bird Buddy smart feeder

Want to learn more about the birds in your backyard? Get a Bird Buddy smart bird feeder. It snaps selfies of your feathered visitors and identifies their species.

Snap the best bird shots with the Bird Buddy smart feeder
Bird Buddy snaps photos of feathered visitors

Are you sometimes too slow to capture the birds that visit your backyard? Maybe you’ve spotted a rare feathered friend but can’t record it? Bird Buddy has the answer with its smart bird feeder and app.

Bird Buddy’s smart bird feeder instantly snaps and recognizes the birds that visit your backyard, sending notifications of joy to your smartphone or tablet. The Bird Buddy app allows you to collect your images and share them with family and friends while delving into the built-in Birdopedia to find out more about the species.

Enjoy bird-watching from anywhere with Bird Buddy

There are over 11,000 different bird species identified around the world. About 1,100 species are primarily located in the United States, including everything from common sparrows, pigeons, starlings, and others, all the way to more exotic birds like hummingbirds, woodpeckers, vultures, and the US national bird, the bald eagle.

Bird-watching has soared in popularity in recent years as people seek to reconnect with nature. The centuries-old hobby has increased by nearly 40% since 2006, with 15.23 million US citizens recorded as active enthusiasts in 2020.

Now, you no longer need to find your binoculars! The Bird Buddy smart bird feeder and app do all the work for you. Just unbox, connect, and fill the feeder.

Check out bird-watching, the new tech trend

The Bird Buddy smart bird feeder brings all the birds to your yard, and the built-in 5MP camera—housed and secured within the feeder—does the work in capturing high-resolution images and 720p HD live stream video with a 120-degree field of view.

Everything is powered by a 3,800 mAh rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery. It also works in extreme weather conditions from -5°F to 120°F. Your birds won’t go hungry as the Bird Buddy seed container allows for 4 cups of bird food.

With the rise in popularity of smart homes and smart backyards, using the Bird Buddy smart bird feeder is no hassle. Placed within your Wi-Fi network, the camera pairs with the Bird Buddy app via Bluetooth, which also allows for firmware updates. Once all done, make a coffee, sit down, relax, and grab your birding photo session.

Gamify your bird-watching

Like Pokemon Go!? Then you’ll love this! Once you have snapped your feathered friends, you can gamify the experience in the Bird Buddy app. Swipe right to keep the image and swipe left to delete. Then, you can have your own collection of bird selfies building up neatly and quickly!

You can also pop filters on and enjoy the animations too. You can even take control with the option of taking more (or fewer) pictures of each bird before they flutter away and how often you get notifications. So basically, it’s like turning all your local bird species into an avian version of Pokemon Go!

Bling up your Bird Buddy

Aside from the basic unit, Bird Buddy has developed a range of cool accessories. Chickadees, wrens, blue tits, and nuthatches have a taste for suet, so these visitors would appreciate the suet ball holder.

There is also a water fountain for thirsty avians. The smart bird feeder can even self-charge with the solar roof and easily fix to a structure with the wall mount. It also comes in 2 colors: blue and yellow.

Learn which birds love your backyard

Is it a red cardinal, hummingbird, or blue jay? You can now find out which birds prefer your backyard. Bird Buddy has developed its own groundbreaking AI that recognizes over 1,000 species, with more being added all the time.

As soon as the motion detection sensor kicks into action, you get instant species recognition with a cool, fun postcard generated in your app that pops into your notifications.

Give the ultimate gift

According to the company, a whopping 60% of Bird Buddy smart feeder units have been bought as gifts. This is the one gadget that really surprises everyone, even the most hard-to-shop-for recipients or the birding enthusiast in your life.

Support conservation from your home

Bird Buddy is a crowdfunded brand, with a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign that raised $4 million and was in the top 1% of funded projects back in 2020. Since then, over 100K units have been made and shipped, which means that the Bird Buddy smart bird feeder and app are well on their way to creating the world’s largest bird monitoring network.

In addition, the species datasets will be made available to environmentalists and scientists to help with conservation methods. And you can be a part of it too.

Get on down with your kids

Did you know that birdwatching is becoming a teen trend? Getting your teen interested is not so hard these days with tech and gadgets like Bird Buddy on hand to make it an interesting and easy experience that you can game with too!

Nature education has been a core part of classroom learning since, well, forever. Recently, forest schools, bushcraft lessons, and nature walks have become part of everyday education.

Collectively, they deliver proven benefits to pupils and students in how they learn and approach their studies. Doing a bird count is an easy way to get started!

Watch birds beyond your backyard

As one of the top 10 hobbies in the world, bird-watching is possible anywhere on your own or with others. Birdwatching with friends, in a group, or as a community is a great way to learn about birds, their habits, and what to look out for. It’s also a fab way to make new friends and share the joy of bird-watching.

If going out into the countryside is a challenge, don’t fear. Urban birding is a thing. Cities and urban sprawl may not seem to offer much to our bird populations but stop and look around the next time you are pounding the sidewalk.

There are more than you think: clever avians taking advantage of nesting, roosting, food, and water on tap. And, of course, you can help by having a bird feeder on your balcony, terrace, or doorstep!

See what to feed your feathered visitors

There are many different bird food and seed options available, but check what types are best for the birds that come to your feeder. Straight-from-plant nuts (not treated or coated) are at the top of the food charts, especially during winter.

They provide not just energy but also healthy plumage to birds. Of course, nectar is also popular with many species in warmer climes. There are also quirky selections. Did you know that the blue tits like milk or that African birds love a dollop of beeswax?

Learn about amusing bird behaviors

Do you know what the 10 most googled things about birds are? Questions like: can birds swim, why do birds sit on power lines, and how do birds deliver messages appear in search histories. Other popular questions include: do birds pee, are birds colorblind, and are birds real!

Bird Buddy is so popular that it’s out of stock. Grab yours now, and your shipment will come in 2023.

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