Sony 4K TVs with cognitive CPUs—are they worth the price?

Sony's new 4K TVs might be everything you're looking for to enhance your viewing and listening experience. Continue reading to explore how this TV series presents natural and realistic visuals.

Sony 4K TVs with cognitive CPUs—are they worth the price?
Sony’s BRAVIA XR TV in the living room

Sony’s BRAVIA XR TVs have one purpose in mind: to offer a picture closer to what humans see. Not only will this series of TVs offer an immersive viewing experience, but they’ll feature Cognitive Processor XR—an image processor that boasts cognitive intelligence.

The Cognitive Processor XR goes beyond AI to optimize picture quality, brightness, and contrasts. Instead, it monitors the entire frame and breaks down certain zones to focus on. In particular, it mimics the way that your brain processes images.

Sony BRAVIA XR MASTER Series A90J OLED TV in a video

How the Cognitive Processor XR works and what is offers for viewers

The BRAVIA XR TVs series includes: A90J, X95J, X90J, A80J, and Z9J models. Each of which sports Sony’s latest processor. The Cognitive Processor XR works similarly to how a person’s brain retrieves auditory and visual information. Unlike traditional TV processors that rely on AI to detect these visual elements, Sony’s latest processor cross-analyzes every element at the same time—similar to how your brain works.

The Sony 4K TVs’ processor works by dividing the screen into hundreds of zones to recognize individual objects and elements. Unlike AI, which can sometimes make images appear artificial, this processor makes visuals appear more natural. And it can improve your natural focal point on the screen. This happens by making skin color and texture, and facial expressions appeared closer to the natural world. And the BRAVIA XR TVs can detect the main social point and enhance it for a sense of depth.

Sony 4K TVs with cognitive CPUs—are they worth the price?

Experience realistic sound quality on the TV series

Sony’s BRAVIA TVs also feature XR Sound processing to complement the realistic visuals. This sound technology can detect the position of the sound on the screen and position it in the perfect spot. Sony’s BRAVIA range projects sound in all directions and analyzes the audio quality in real-time. In particular, the sound is positioned horizontally and vertically to create a more accurate dialogue positioning.

Overall, these TVs provide an exceptional picture and audio quality. But the real question is: are they worth the hefty price tag? If an immersive experience is important to you, then the obvious answer is yes. Although, be aware that this TV range doesn’t include HDMI 2.1 features.

Shipping begins from March 2021. What are your thoughts on Sony’s latest TVs? Let us know your thoughts, and if you’ll be making a purchase, in the comments.

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