13 Amazing Stocking Stuffers for the Festive Season

The underdog of Christmas is most certainly the stocking. Its ergonomic shape means only certain smaller gifts can fit inside. You could go for candy and some gift cards, or you could up the ante and stuff the stocking with some awesome products.

13 Amazing Stocking Stuffers for the Festive Season

Believe it or not, Christmas is only a few sleeps away now. As the big day looms large, many of us will be shopping for gifts until closing time on the 24th. But why go through all that stress when you have the Gadget Flow to guide you? Here’s our pick of the best stocking stuffers that money can buy this festive season.

Smaller Wonders

Token Smart Connected Ring

This glamorous finger bracelet connects to your devices and acts like a wireless key. You can use it to open your smart door lock, unlock your laptop, and even make purchases at the mall.

Price: $249 USD

Matador Mini Pocket Blanket

Remember that season called summer? It’s a nice time to be outside. This tiny blanket fits in your pocket until you need a dry place to sit. It then unfurls to make a 44-inch by 28-inch spread — perfect for picnics!

Price: $19.99 USD

Ringtool 2.0 Lightweight Emergency Tool

Any DIY enthusiast would love to unwrap the Ringtool 2.0 on Christmas morning. From a device measuring just 2.5 inches across, you get five different sizes of Allen wrench, plus multiple screwdrivers.

Price: $26 USD

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Kids Corner

Sphero Mini App-Enabled Robotic Ball

Spheros have been around for some time, but kids never get bored with these rolling robots. The Mini version has four different modes, including Face Drive, where you have to pull silly faces to control your Sphero!

Price: $49.99 USD

Seeing Is Believing Personalized Picture Storybook

What child wouldn’t want to be the hero of their own story book? These personalized titles add extra excitement to bedtime reading by putting your kids at the heart of the action.

$17 USD

Delicious Gifts

Simpresso Portable Espresso Machine

For the friend who craves coffee, this portable machine could be a life-saver. Well, a mood-saver, at least. The Simpresso even has double-wall insulation to keep the brew nice and hot.

$42 USD

ZYX Matte Black Flask

Folks with stronger tastes are more likely to appreciate the ZYX flask. This sleek bottle should bring a little sophistication to any Christmas party. In addition, it’s small enough to tuck away when you want to cut down your bar bills.

Price: $30 USD

Star Wars Death Star Kitchen Timer

This timer will bring out the Jedi Knight in any home chef, with authentic lights and cool laser sounds. Just make sure they don’t get carried away and blow it up in the microwave.

Price: $17.99 USD

Techy Upgrades

Fast Wireless Charging Pad

stocking stuffers festive season

Free someone you love from the tyranny of charging cables this Christmas with the Fast Wireless Charging Pad. It’s small enough to take anywhere, and it works with the latest iPhones.

Price: $27.48 USD

Zendure X6 Versatile USB-C Power Bank

When you can’t be near a wall socket, the Zendure X6 is the next best thing. Perfect for regular travelers, this monster power bank offers 20,000mAh and five USB ports. It even works with Macbooks.

Price: $59 USD

4-Port USB 3.0 Hub for iMac

festive season 01

Know someone who owns an iMac? They will love this little hub. With four extra USB 3.0 ports, they can add extra peripherals and novelty flash drives to their heart’s content.

Price: $43.75 USD

For the Festive Season

Santa Mask by Beardski

And now, for the serious stuff. This awesome ski mask lets your friend take pride in the festive spirit. Furthermore, it will keep out the winter chill this ski season.

Price: $34.95 USD

52 Weeks to Xmas Calendar

Finally, for the friend who loves Christmas more than anything else, this calendar will provide endless joy. Just don’t blame us when you get weekly updates!

Price: $23.13 USD

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