Tired of hunching over your computer screen? This desk will fix that.

Tired of hunching over your computer screen? This desk will fix that.

If you spend most of your day at work sitting in front of a computer, the resulting problems may be all too familiar. Sitting for too long of a stretch can cause all sorts of physical problems, which in turn can lead to a number of mental ailments.

Some people have fought the battle of sitting all day with desks that allow them to stand instead. But what if you didn’t have to choose sitting or standing? What if there was a setup that allowed you to do either depending on the time of day and how you feel?

Here’s a look at why sitting all day can be a serious threat, the system that can prevent you from doing so and how it can positively impact your productivity at work.

The Drawbacks of One Position

So many problems can arise from sitting in one position all day that books could be written on the subject. Put gently, the potential issues go well beyond a sore back or shoulders.

Constant inactivity can lead to much more serious problems with the heart or pancreas, and could even increase your risk for colon or lung cancer. Sitting for long periods can also hurt digestion, cause chronically strained neck or shoulders, lead to muscle degeneration and hip problems, or impact the legs with varicose veins or weak bones.

Compounding the problem, suffering from a physical issue due to sitting too long can lead to mental issues as well. Brain function slows when the body sits still for too long because it gets less fresh blood and oxygen.

The Altwork Station

Luckily, for those who have no choice but to be at a computer all day for work, one ultra ergonomically sound workstation goes beyond your standard stand-up desk.

Called the Altwork Station, the workstation allows you to easily adjust your position based on how you’re feeling at the moment. You can sit upright, recline or stand if you need to give your legs some activity.

The system really must be experienced before you’ll understand the full effects. It features a fully adjustable chair that looks like something you might sit in at the dentist’s office, as well as a large arm that mounts your computer screen or monitor. Also, it offers a small desktop area for your keyboard and mouse.

[tweet_box]For those who have no choice but to be at a computer all day, one workstation goes beyond your standard stand-up desk.[/tweet_box]

The Altwork Station puts office ergonomics at the forefront, allowing you to work comfortably with your screen in full view no matter what position you’re in — even if you’re lying nearly completely on your back.

It’s all manipulated using a control panel that adjusts the height of the standing platform, along with controls to adjust the seat to your exact comfort level.

The only thing slightly uncomfortable about the unit is the price — it lists at $5,900, although standard models can be purchased now for as low as $3,900. Prices are expected to increase further as the time for pre-orders comes to a close within the next month or two.

Yes, that is a hefty chunk of change, but if you work in front of a computer for long stretches every day, think of the cost as a long-term investment in your own health and well being.

How It Helps Productivity

Just glance at the Altwork Station and you know you’ll sit comfortably, but how exactly will that help your workflow?

First, because the position of the station is easily manipulated, you can quickly change positions if you ever feel uncomfortable. With the ability to move quickly between sitting upright, sitting in a reclined position or standing, you’ll get far more work done than you would if you sat at a traditional desk and felt the need to get up and adjust periodically.

Furthermore, think of an instance when you have felt physically uncomfortable sitting at your desk. You may have a project to finish or a deadline to meet, but it can be hard to concentrate on the work if you’re in physical pain.

One of the underrated benefits of the Altwork Station is its impact on your mental health. Because it promotes proper ergonomics and movement throughout the day, your mind won’t be worried about physical problems and will remain clear to concentrate on the work at hand.

Also, work is just one application. The Alwork Station is also a dream for gamers who may want to log long hours without the guilt of sitting uncomfortably on a couch all day.

While the cost may be a turn-off for some, trying the Altwork Station firsthand will likely make it worth the price tag. After all, you can’t put a price on remaining physically and mentally strong throughout the entire workday.

Image by Viktor Hanacek

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