Your kids will love relaxing on the new TRONO inflatable loungers

TRONO loungers are super-comfortable seats that inflate in seconds. We loved them the first time around, and now there’s a smaller version for kids.

Your kids will love relaxing on the new TRONO inflatable loungers
  • Looking for ways to keep your kids active over the summer? Try some of these family-friendly outdoor activities.
  • Among older kids, camping is actually growing in popularity. Millennials and Gen Xers represent three-quarters of all campers in the USA.
  • TRONO inflatable loungers allow your little (and not-so-little) ones to enjoy the outdoor lifestyle in comfort.

Whereas adults go to the beach to do absolutely nothing, kids take the opposite view. The combination of sand and sea is too novel; too exciting to ignore. From building sandcastles to jumping through the waves, there is so much to do. This phase often continues for a good couple of hours — but eventually your little dynamo will get tired. When the inevitable crash happens, the new inflatable lounger from TRONO will be there to catch them. Billed as the world’s first inflatable chair for kids, this stylish seat works perfectly on sand and other uneven surfaces.

Instant comfort

Of course, your kids may be happy to sit on the sand. But when you’re going for a family hike or huddled around the campfire, there’s often nowhere to sit.

TRONO loungers are different from most inflatable furniture, because they can handle virtually any terrain. Standing on a rocky hillside? Time to relax with your lunch. At a music festival? Bring your own seat.

[tweet_box]TRONO loungers are super-comfortable seats that inflate in seconds. Now, there’s a smaller version for kids. [/tweet_box]

What’s more, these chairs are really portable. In fact, kids can easily carry their own TRONO in a small shoulder bag.

inflatable lounger 03

Easy to carry

Inflatable loungers

When the words “inflatable chair” are used, you probably envision blowing air into a valve for hours. Thankfully, TRONO loungers don’t require any lung power.

Each lounger has an open end. When you want to inflate your TRONO, you simply pull it through the air like a giant bag. This “scooping” motion gathers all the necessary air to provide suitably squishy support.

The kids version is perfect for all ages, as it can support adult weight. Moreover, this lounger is durable enough to take regular use. In fact, the makers say that it will survive a TRONO pillow fight. In addition, the loungers are completely washable.

inflatable lounger 02

Durable seats

Portable seat

When it’s time to move on, the loungers deflate as easily as they go up. You simply unravel the entrance to allow the air out. The chair then folds down flat to fit inside the supplied carry bag.

inflatable lounger 01

The world’s first

There are four stylish designs to choose from, including Blue Croc and Tropical Orange. We would recommend the latter option if you’re planning to use these loungers on any palm-tree beach.

“Kids can use their TRONO while playing in the park, the beach, or in the playground. It’s also perfect for around the house or for relaxing in the backyard. The TRONO deflates just as fast as it sets up. So after a playdate with friends, you can fold it back into the small bag and store it. Easy peasy!” — TRONO on Kickstarter

Impressive design

From the stylish patterns to the innovative air-catching technique, we like almost everything about these inflatable loungers.

Future upgrades

An add-on drinks holder would be really useful on these loungers. Especially when you think about how often kids spill their soda!


– Kickstarter: Until May 17th

– Pledge: $48 USD

– Delivery: June 2018

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