How Video Conferencing Has Changed the Way Work Is Done

How Video Conferencing Has Changed the Way Work Is Done

The workplace is forever evolving, with new technology being made available all the time. The biggest mistake any company can make is to take this technology for granted. Among the technology that is transforming the workplace is video conferencing. No longer is it necessary for employees to travel to the ends of the world in search of a meeting with the heads of companies. Now, all they have to do is hop on a video conference with the people they want to talk to and business is getting done even faster than ever imagined. Of course, the benefits to video conferencing in the workplace don’t end with the ability to talk with clients faster. Here are some things to consider when it comes to video conferencing in the workplace.

Clients Feel More Important

When you had to send your employees on a long plane ride to meet with clients, the clients might get face time about once a month, or once a week at best. This is no longer the case with video conferencing, according to Web Pro News. Now your clients are only a call away with companies like Blue Jeans providing all the technology you need to get on a call at the drop of a hat. If you’ve been thinking about a way you can improve your relationship with your clients, or you just want to talk about an idea you had, you can schedule a call and be in front of your client in just minutes. Clients love the attention they get and they reciprocate with larger orders and they are less likely to go “shopping” when it’s time to consider a new order. This small switch has helped many small to medium sized businesses grow quickly.


Employees Get Work Options

One of the big shifts in the workplace is where employees can work from, according to Business Insider. Thanks to video conferencing from companies like Blue Jeans, employees can work from home without missing anything. More virtual offices are springing up all the time with no central office at all. Many employees love he option to work from anywhere. It requires a little more on the part of the employee, because they have to be responsible for getting the work done, but again, video conferencing helps to keep an eye on the troops. Bosses can make an unexpected call to the employee to see what they are doing and where they are. This same technology allows all of the employees to have meetings just like they were in a normal office. Simply set a time for the meeting and everyone has to be at their computer to get the day started. The commute is a lot less demanding and there is truly no excuse why an employee cannot make it to the meeting.

Getting More Work Done All the Time

Another thing to remember about the availability of video conferencing always available is the employees can be available to work at all times, according to The Huffington Post. This is a good thing for businesses, because they can always expect to reach their top performers at any given time of the day if needed. The danger is burning out the top performers even faster than they would if they were in an office with an escape. Those most successful in their fields are okay with working odd hours as long as they are not working 15 hours a day. Many will schedule calls to make from home to overseas clients, because they can make them right from the comfort of their home office. The software that’s used in the office can be used just as easily at home, so there’s no way for the clients to tell that the call is emanating from the home rather than from the office All they know is they are getting a call and work is being done.

More Information Sharing

Not only is it possible for employees to have face-to-face conversations with clients even while standing on opposite sides of the world, but it’s possible to share more information as well. This is because the same technology used for video conferencing is being used to share files. In fact, files are shared during a call rather than afterwards. By using the video conferencing software, it’s possible to make sure the recipient has received the files and you can start having a discussion about it right away. Unlike in the old days of sending faxes, the copy being seen by the recipient is exactly the same as the one being sent. Moreover, if the recipient makes changes and sends it back, there will be no loss in quality to the finished document. It’s a great way to keep the workflow going so companies can grow and be more profitable.

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