When you want to watch movies in bed, MYSA will hold your tablet

Everyone loves watching trashy TV in bed with a cup of something warm. The MYSA phone and tablet stand helps you stay comfortable by holding your device at the perfect angle.

When you want to watch movies in bed, MYSA will hold your tablet
  • While browsing the web in bed is probably a bad idea, some sleep specialists recommend watching TV before you switch the lights off.
  • Looking for the perfect movie to watch on a lazy Sunday morning? This list should help.
  • With MYSA, you can enjoy any type of content in bed. This innovative stand takes the weight of your device.

With each passing year, mobile devices get lighter and thinner. This mysterious trick is performed annually by the wizards and witches of Apple, Samsung and other schools of magic. We appreciate their efforts — by modern standards, holding an original iPad feels like weight training. But even so, it’s hard to relax when you have to support your device through an entire Netflix binge. The ingenious MYSA phone and tablet stand offers a neat solution to this common problem. The stand is specifically designed for use in bed, meaning you can watch movies and message your friends with minimal effort.

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Even doggo can watch

Watch movies in comfort

We all have our own methods for reclined viewing. Some people are skillful duvet sculptors, who can create a temporary tablet support from the soft material. Other people prefer to lie on their side and lazily prop up their device with one arm. You may choose to sit upright and use your bent legs as a kind of movie-watching easel.

None of these options is very satisfactory, when compared with the MYSA stand. This clever accessory uses a magnetic base plate to provide stable support on your duvet or pillow. In fact, it can handle virtually any terrain.

Stable base

In comparison with many tablet stands, MYSA has a very large base. It’s made of two separate layers that are held together with magnets. The design offers good stability on soft surfaces, while also allowing the top to swivel through 360 degrees.

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Stable support

In addition, the MYSA base has a neat party trick. You can pull apart the two layers and slide the lower plate inside your pillowcase. When you place the main stand on top, the two halves work like a magnetic clamp.

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It remains to be seen how strongly the magnets attract through the cotton. But the idea certainly has merit.

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Compatible with most devices

On the top plate, there is a rubberized groove for your phone or tablet. This accommodates any device that is under 13 inches long and 0.6 inches deep.

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Sturdy stand

Your device is supported by a sturdy arm, which can be moved to virtually any angle. As a result, you can watch a movie, read, or type messages with ease.

“The fully adjustable, rotating stand allows you to watch hands-free in tons of different positions. MYSA is great for watching in bed, on the couch, in the car, or anywhere you need a steady, flat surface for your device. It’s perfect for e-reading and video chatting. ” — MYSA on Kickstarter

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Impressive features

Durable support

MYSA is made from ABS resin, so it should be able to cope with daily use. It’s also adjustable and not too heavy. Overall, we like what we see.

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Useful everywhere

Room for improvement

While the pillowcase clamp works well, you can only use this feature if you have a spare pillow lying about. Stronger, neodymium magnets could allow MYSA to stay clamped through your duvet.


– Kickstarter: Until April 5th

– Pledge: $39 USD

– Delivery: August 2018

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