WonderCube is One Cubic Inch of Pleasure Every Mobile User Needs

WonderCube is One Cubic Inch of Pleasure Every Mobile User Needs

1.91 billion smartphone users across the globe have one thing in common. They all sulk whenever the thought of carrying all those mobile accessories together comes in mind. In fact, it’s strange to see smartphone chargers, cables, USBs and flash memory taking up more space in our bags than the other necessities we need to carry. It’s like carrying a whole baggage just to have that tiny thing in your hand working smooth around the clock. But while all that seems quite justified so that you don’t run out of smartphone power just when you need it, there is a big loophole somewhere down the line.

According to me, it’s got to do with these multiple accessories which are definitely important but not space saving at all. Being an avid smartphone user myself, I can’t ask you to get rid of them or carry some of them instead of all at times. Instead, I think I have a different advice here.

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Thanks to the team behind WonderCube, the problem of carrying too many mobile accessories now gets sorted in one-cubic inch of beauty. This isn’t just another mobile accessory you’ve come across before – WonderCube is one of those rare innovations which has combined 8 mobile essentials in one cube.


One Cubic Inch With Much-Needed Mobile Accessories

As Gizmodo writes, WonderCube is “a one-inch cube you’ll never want to leave home without”. The idea behind launching such an accessory came from the frustration we go through while carrying all those different mobile accessories on the go.

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The team wanted something which was convenient to carry and solved all the problems smartphone users undergo every single day. This all-in-one mobile solution is small enough to fit in your fingertips and includes 8 mobile accessories in one. These are a built-in cable, USB charger, phone stand, OTG USB, sync, emergency charger, flash memory and LED torch. The device is tiny and durable which can be attached to your keyring so that you can have it with you no matter where you go.

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8 Mobile Accessories in One

Coming to the utilities provided by the WonderCube, the first is the foldout flexible USB cord which measures around 3 inches when extended. You can fold it up into a one-inch cord post use with no exposed contacts available from the cube.

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A handy cable will be available for use anytime and ofcourse anywhere. If your phone requires a lot of charging, you can use the built-in gold-plated connectors to charge it up via the USB ports on the go. Then there is the phone stand which comes with a micro-suction cups plate so that you can easily attach it to your phone’s back panel. The best thing about the stand is that it can work both in the landscape as well as the portrait mode.

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By plugging in the WonderCube OTG, you’ll be able to expand your phone’s storage to another 64GB. It will also work as a normal USB stick to transfer files from computer. The emergency charger, on the other hand, works as a handy accessory to save you from those horrible times when your phone’s battery goes completely dead. If you thought that’s just it, hold on…there’s more in store!

wondercube mobile accessory review

Pre-Order on Indiegogo

The fully functional cable of WonderCube also entertains quick file transfers. Even when your network is not available, you can easily sync your photos and videos with ease. Finally, it includes an LED mini torch so that you’re able to find something in the dark. You can pick among the Black, White, Blue and Green colors and have this much-needed accessory dangling from your keyring all the time.


The WonderCube is made out of durable ABS and its foldout USB cord is made of flexible thermoplastic elastomer. It comes in two versions: Apple lightning and micro USB connector and is compatible with most smart devices in the market.

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Having already surpassed their Indiegogo goal with a month still left to go, you can pretty well imagine how popular this amazing new mobile-accessory is. So pre-order your set now for $49 and get rid of that cable mess in your bag forever. Happy Gadgeting!

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