Your Vape Life Will be Super Fun With vapRwear Smokable Hoodies

Your Vape Life Will be Super Fun With vapRwear Smokable Hoodies

Quitting tobacco and switching to e-cigarettes has been quite popular in the US for a while now. In fact, out of the 45 million smokers, 2.5 million have already switched to e-cigarettes in this short span of time. People are embracing e-cigarettes in order to come out from their nicotine addiction. When I read these statistics, I feel glad. Yes, there are speculations about the effect of vapor smoke on your health and whether it’s beneficial in the long run or not but one fact is clear – Vapor smoke is better than nicotine! So why not try this new form of smoking and chill out with your friends. But before you plan up your next vape party, let me introduce you to vapRwear.

VapRwear e-cig hoodlace vape system

Call it the world’s first smokable apparel or a fashionable approach to smoking e-cigs on the go, this is probably one of the coolest ways to incorporate your vape life with a little bit of fashion and functionality.

VapRwear e-cig hoodlace vape system

Smoking on the Go Becomes More Stylish

The idea to create something as cool as vapRwear was from a Caribbean native Elvis “Papi” Edwards after he came across the recent changes in Colorado legislation. If you look at the vapRwear logo, you’ll know that this brand is distinguished by Papi’s pelican icon with his signature red mohawk. The purpose was to create an everyday apparel that would make smoking on the go easy and comfortable.

VapRwear e-cig hoodlace vape system

The design blends a patent-pending e-cig vaporizer system with a fashionable hoodie that wouldn’t compromise on your style or your vape life. Vape systems are there a many but I don’t think that there’s anything as cool as the vapRwear in the market yet.

VapRwear e-cig hoodlace vape system

DLo Technology Makes it One of its Kind

Now, what makes the vapRwear one of its kind? The credit goes to the patent-pending DLo technology. It is the e-cig hoodlace vapesystem which will integrate beautifully with your vapRwear hoodie. There are two kinds of systems you can choose from – the DLo1 and the DLo3. The former (e-juice) is a single pen kit whereas the latter (dry herb, wax, oils, e-juice) is a kit that comes with cartridges designed for each form.

VapRwear e-cig hoodlace vape system

The DLo3 system comes with a battery capacity of 280mAh and takes a charging time of 2.5 hours only. The whole system will enable you to enjoy your smoke by concealing it inside the hoodlace. Simply pull out the mouthpiece from the hidden pocket, place it on your mouth, inhale and enjoy!

As described on the vapRwear instructions page, here’s how you need to set up the system:


1. Open metal vapRwear container with battery, cartridge, and charger

2. Screw in long battery into charger and charge until light turns green

3. Screw in cartridge to battery

4. Unzip collar / hoodie

5. Feed one end of the DLO mouthpiece through one collar hole

6. Feed DLO battery through other collar hole

7. Zip up DLO hose into collar

8. Tuck in mouthpiece and Battery into hidden compartment through small stitched slot

Starting from a price of $95, vapRwear is a really cool apparel for vape smokers. Get them in any of the wonderful colors available and take your vape life to a whole new level of fashion and functionality combined together. Happy Gadgeting!

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