18 Important Tips for the First 24 Hours of Crowdfunding

18 Important Tips for the First 24 Hours of Crowdfunding

It was just last year when we featured Rapide Lite 200 crowdfunding campaign as a premium listing. Naturally, like our promotion packages do, we had been promoting the product rigorously across the web and to our surprise, it did get 100% funded within 24 hours of being featured on our site. We did dig through the strategies we had used and came down to one conclusion – “The first 24 hours of your crowdfunding campaign is very crucial.” This is the time you must not neglect at all. As a matter of fact, it’s the time when you need to focus on the activities you’re doing. Now, just so that you don’t feel confused as to what needs to be done and what not, here is a checklist of 20 important tips from The Gadget Flow team that might be of help. Make sure you follow them well.

20 Important Tips to Make the Most of the First 24 Hours of Crowdfunding

1. First and foremost, you must check and re-check your crowdfunding description for edits at least 3-4 times. Every read might just make you come up with something new, you never know!

2. Ensure to have a small but crisp FAQ section at the end of your crowdfunding campaign. In fact, questions regarding delivery, shipping chargers, specific features can be discussed under that section.

3. Have your email, social media profiles and any other contact detail properly mentioned in the description page. There will be queries and you must be open to answering them anytime.

4. In order to make your project successful, you need media attention. Don’t wait for personal pitching. Have your press kit ready and make sure to have the link somewhere in the FAQ section so that bloggers and media enthusiasts who stumble upon your crowdfunding campaign and are interested to do a story on it can instantly go for it.

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5. First, share the campaign on your personal and company social profiles instantly. But be unique on every channel and not monotonous. Some major channels for share should be Facebook, Facebook Fan Page (if any), Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Product Hunt etc.

6. Just to draw extra attention, you could offer a special backer reward only for the first 24 hours. It will also give value to those first backers of your campaign and result in better word-of-mouth marketing.

7. Friend, family, acquaintances – make sure you reach out to everyone personally for a reshare.

8. Don’t forget to highlight yourself as well as your team members if you’re working as a team. A short intro and team pic will do. Never go for long paragraphs describing your story. Try to be crisp and precise!

9. Other than the video, you can also add a couple GIF shots of your product if possible.

10. Ensure to choose the perfect categories for your product. You can also follow up with a query on KickstarterForum if required.

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11. If you’re using Kickstarter, make sure to post your product video on YouTube or Vimeo as well.

12. Have your social media campaign ready for the next 3-4 days in advance. Use prior scheduling through Buffer or Hootsuite.

13. Additionally, reach out to bloggers and influencers on Twitter with a link of your campaign and ask for feedback first. Directly going for a “hey will you do a story on us?” might sound spammy and too pushy at times!

14. Even if you don’t have a website ready, at least have a landing page with a link to your Kickstarter campaign. It makes the whole process look more methodical.

15. Stay glued for queries and notifications. Also, try to answer each and every one of them to show your passion and interest in the project.

20 Important Tips to Make the Most of the First 24 Hours of Crowdfunding

16. As a matter of fact, if you see too much of interaction, go for a Periscope instantly and try to answer questions in real time.

17. Submit your project for a review on promotional platforms. In fact, this specific article will be of help on this!

18. Finally, don’t forget it’s your project! In order to make it a success, you also need to be the most active.

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That was some of our tips and what we think would also help in making your crowdfunding campaign a success. What else, according to you, would be more crucial for your campaign in those first 24 hours?

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