5 Gadgets to make you move and improve your productivity

Having a sedentary job isn’t just bad for your health; it can also have a negative impact on your productivity. Rather than taking a 15-minute walk around the office every hour, employ one of these innovative gadgets to keep you moving.

5 Gadgets to make you move and improve your productivity
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For most of us, a 9-to-5 job is notoriously synonymous with an absurd amount of sitting. Desk jockeys can spend more than 40 hours a week sitting, and that doesn’t even include time spent sitting in the car (or on public transport).

Did you know? You’re supposed to stand at your workstation for at least 15 minutes every hour.

You might be wondering how to incorporate all this standing (and walking) while working. You might even be considering how much it’ll impact your productivity. But, being mobile at work can improve your productivity. These five gadgets will keep you moving without impacting your efficiency.

HOVR Under Desk Leg Exercise

Sit down and start walking with HOVR. HOVR produces unconscious movement that burns significantly more calories than normal sitting, creates healthy movement without mental distraction, improves blood circulation and joint/spine health. It’s the perfect solution to burning calories while you’re on the clock.

HOVR – Unconsciously Burn More Calories at Work - 5 Gadgets to make you move and improve your productivity

Burn more calories without even realizing it

The Edge Desk 2.0 Adjustable Ergonomic Desk

If you have to sit at work, it’s essential to sit correctly. This ergonomic desk makes it easier on your body to sit throughout your workday by encouraging you to sit in a kneeling position which puts you in a neutral posture. This eases the strain on your neck and back and you can use it as a desk or an easel. Complete with a smooth desk surface, the Edge Desk 2.0 is great for artists and those who write by hand.

The Edge Desk 2.0 Adjustable Ergonomic Desk - 5 Gadgets to make you move and improve your productivity

The angular position of the desk reduces strain

Cubii Pro Under Desk Elliptical

Using Bluetooth connectivity, this device connects to the app to track minutes, miles, calories, strides and RPM. Offering a convenient alternative to the gym, Cubii Pro allows you to stay active while you’re at work. Designed for use while sitting, Cubii Pro provides optimized angles to help you get the most out of each stride.

Cubii Pro Under Desk Elliptical - 5 Gadgets to make you move and improve your productivity

Keep pedaling while you work to meet your fitness goals

FlexiSpot Deskcise Pro Cycle Desk

This innovative system isn’t just a desk. It features a built-in bicycle so you can work your body while you work your mind. Assembling in just one minute, the Deskcise Pro has an ultra smooth and quiet operation. The integrated cycling system is entirely inside the base of the desk so there are no visible moving parts aside from the pedals.

FlexiSpot Deskcise Pro Cycle Desk - 5 Gadgets to make you move and improve your productivity

Cycling while working isn’t impossible!

Uhuru Minim Rise Sit/Stand Workstation

Featuring two desks in one, the Minim Rise features an electronic lift system that is part of a sturdy steel base, hidden beneath the work surface. The workstation is complete with power and data options for the desktop and lower trough as well as a divider between the desks.

Uhuru Minim Rise Sit/Stand Workstation - 5 Gadgets to make you move and improve your productivity

Sit when you want and stand when you want

Have you tried any other way to burn calories at work? Share with us in the comments below.

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