5 Smart mirrors that do more than you can imagine

We spend a good portion of our mornings and evenings in front of a mirror. Yet, this one home accessory has never seen a real improvement other than style until now. Welcome to the future where smart mirrors are soon to be in every home.

5 Smart mirrors that do more than you can imagine
  • What do smart mirrors do? They go far beyond your beauty routine. In fact, they’re used by many retailers like Oak Labs to enhance the process of in-store shopping to make it easier and more convenient.
  • What other smart devices help us get ready? The Echo Look Amazon Alexa camera offers a view your outfit in full 360-degrees and uses algorithms to keep you looking fashionable.
  • Is there a mirror to keep you fit? Yes, believe it or not, the Naked 3D fitness tracker gives you accurate fitness analysis and comes with a full-body mirror with sensors.

Mirrors have always been an integral part of our lives. We literally begin our day in front of a mirror to help us get ready for the day. It’s about time that this necessary accessory got a smart makeover.

Smart mirrors do a lot more than you might think. Of course, they can help you with your makeup routine, help you find stylish outfits, and more. But, they can also help you live smarter with useful integrations. Here are five of our favorites to make your mornings (and evenings) a little easier.

HiMirror Smart Beauty Mirror

Equipped with a built-in camera, all it takes is one use to realize this device is so much more than a mirror. Giving a full analysis, the HiMirror is able to assess the condition of your skin for features such as wrinkles and fine lines, complexion, dark spots and circles, red spots, and even pores.

Smart Beauty Mirror

Smart Beauty Mirror

Why we love it: You can use the info to take charge of your beauty routine.

JUNO – Smart Makeup Mirror

This light gives you three natural shades – sunlight, daylight and evening. You can choose to light up your makeup application depending on the time of the day. The purpose is to ensure you get the best lighting conditions for the perfect makeup.

Why we love it: You’ll see your makeup as everyone will.

Frednology Allure Smart Makeup Mirror

Offering color accuracy and clarity, Allure’s special lighting helps you always look your best. By using Allure’s Sephora app, you can test out lipstick colors before putting them on. Once your makeup is done, quickly take the perfect selfie using the built-in front camera.

Use it with the Allure’s Sephora app

Use it with the Allure’s Sephora app

Why we love it: It gives a whole new meaning to try before you buy.

Mango Mirror Smart Mirror

This smart mirror displays vital stats and information such as your health, fitness, sleep schedule, nutrition, news, reminders, daily quotes and more. Offering health-related data like your steps, sleep, weight, exercise, calories and hydration, Mango Mirror makes it easier to make healthy decisions.

Why we love it: With all the data readily available in front of you, you can make informed decisions and choices.

MirroCool Personal Assistant Smart Mirror

It uses facial gesture recognition (FGR) technology and a built-in HD camera to instantly detect you when you stand in front of it. With hands and voice-free control, it’s totally automated. You can even use gestures to control the mirror. A simple wink will activate the camera for the perfect selfie before you head out.

Personal Assistant Smart Mirror

Personal Assistant Smart Mirror

Why we love it: It also displays key aspects of your daily schedule.

Do you have experience with a smart mirror yet? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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