Artifox Standing Desk: All Work, No Wires- Pure Quality

Artifox Standing Desk: All Work, No Wires- Pure Quality

You probably spend a lot of time at your desk. So why not invest in one that can help you get more work done throughout the day?

Artifox released a new standing desk (Standing Desk 01) that will make you more productive, comfortable and healthy.


It Has Everything You Need

The Standing Desk 01 is the latest model by Artifox. It features a smooth wooden finish with protected legs. At first glance, it looks like a very simple desk. But there are numerous features baked into the unit. Once you start using it, you’ll find a range of productivity boosters and modified components an average desk does not have.

One of the most notable features on the SD 01 is its ability to hide wires. The 54-inch by 27-inch workstation lets you hide a power strip under the actual desk. It is tucked away neatly, away from the main sections of the station. Magnetic clips around the legs will help you feed the wires directly to the outlet, if needed.


Smartphone Ready

With the SD 01, you’ll always know where you phone is at all times. There is a built-in slot on the unit where you can place your device. It also supports tablets, notepads and other things that you need to keep an eye on.

About notepads… You probably won’t be using one with the desk. Like the previous version, there is a dry erase board on the side of the table. This is great for taking temporary notes, agendas and lists.


There’s a Left-Handed Version

Left-handed desks are a rare treat. When you purchase the SD 01, the company lets you choose what type of configuration you want. It’s a left-hander’s dream, ideal for those who are suffering from smudges and incompatible features.

Individuals also have the option to choose between walnut or maple.

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