Camera Restricta Ensures Unique Photos Using GPS

Camera Restricta Ensures Unique Photos Using GPS

These days everyone is taking photos. There are millions of selfies with iconic monuments like the Eiffel Tower, Mount Rushmore and the Golden Gate Bridge. If you really want to stand out from the sea of images being uploaded on a daily basis, try using a controversial gadget called Camera Restricta.

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Goodbye Boring Photos

The photography device is a camera with a special GPS tracker. It determines how often photos were taken in a specific location using metadata from Flickr and Panoramio. If you’re in a spot that has been exploited online by thousands of tourists and artists, the camera will simply not let you take a photo!

“Of course you can’t judge uniqueness of a photo just by counting the geotags nearby. Still, it might be a good indicator for the potential of taking a special photo at a place,” highlighted the company on the official website.

The device relies on a smartphone to power the GPS-related features. Should you find a suitable location to snap a photo, the camera will give you the thumbs up by not blocking the shot. It sounds very offensive, but it’s not. The developers are running with the idea that most photos uploaded every day are not noteworthy enough to keep and remember.

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What Can I Use This Device For?

The Camera Restricta is the perfect way to keep your photos fresh. It’s an incredibly fast method for weeding out basic locations. You’ll never have to wonder if other photographers have already plagued the area you’re in. Once you’ve determined that the location is unique, you can proceed to pull out your DSLR or smartphone and confidently upload as many images as you’d like.

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