Your TV is in the worst spot in the room – here’s how you can fix it

A house without a TV is hardly a home; it’s where we gather at the end of the day to pass the time. And, likewise, our TVs are all in the same spot in our homes. But, actually, your TV is in the worst spot. Repositioning your TV will change the way you enjoy content.

Your TV is in the worst spot in the room – here’s how you can fix it
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  • If you want the most out of your audio, you’ll need to put your audio systems in the best place (which usually isn’t right under your TV). Check out these bookshelf speakers that you can place just about anywhere.

When we try to find the best spot for our TVs, it’s always been a guided set of rules that led us along the way. However, these rules always focused on the lighting and the beautification of your home with your TV. There’s actually a lot more to entertainment than just the way it looks. In fact, the so-called idiot box is a lot smarter now – to an extent where you can literally fold your TV and place it wherever you want. Or, you can go for a projector that lets you enjoy your favorite movie in the woods or backyard or anywhere else you please. Enjoying your TV is no longer confined to how it looks in your living room which is why the perspective of choosing the right spot for your TV has changed.

Keeping your TV above your eye level may lead to neck pain.

Keeping your TV above your eye level may lead to neck pain.

Surprisingly, the quality of your TV experience depends on a lot of new factors that simply didn’t exist even a decade ago. For example, while the early 2000s was about a flat-screens, 2018 is about getting a TV with 4K resolution and HDR.

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Size (and distance) matters

Today’s TV is all about size. Big TVs have been the center of attention for the last few Black Fridays and buyers seem to be more interested than ever. Before you grab your next big screen, you need to understand whether you have space for it. A crowded living room will not only look more crowded but also require you to strain your neck as you view. So, it’s advisable to plan your TV purchase based on the room you’re going to put it in. Most likely, it’s going to be your living room.

  • If you’re buying a new TV: Amazon advises measuring your viewing distance (from the couch to the screen) in feet and then multiplying that by 7.7. Convert to inches to get the ideal screen size.
  • If you want to reposition your current TV: Simply double the screen size to get the perfect viewing distance range.

Now, another thing you can consider is using augmented reality shopping apps. These apps let you test the position of products, such as a new TV, before buying them. You get an exact view of what it will look like in your room rather than buying at random.

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What’s the best viewing angle for watching TV?

Although counter-intuitive, our comfort level is not the first thing we consider when setting up our TV at home. We typically go for where it fits and looks the best. However, there are downsides to a poorly placed TV. In fact, placing your TV above eye level can result in a sore neck and strain. According to Tom’s Guide, your TV should be around 25 inches from the floor.

So, whether you’re using a stand or mounting it on the wall, make sure you maintain a comfortable height to enhance your TV watching experience without any neck pain.

By the way, check this out in case you need another reason not to put your TV just above the fireplace!

What if you have a curved TV?

Curved TVs do provide a richer depth and wider field-of-view but it works best only if you are in the sweet spot. The best spot is the person viewing the TV from the center. Those from the sides might actually experience certain geometric issues if they are viewing the TV from an angle over 30-35 degrees. So, does that mean you shouldn’t get one? Definitely not. Curved TVs bring a lot of innovation and incredible experience to the table. You just have to make sure that your seating arrangement is done in a way that all viewers get to view the television from the sweet spot. You can solve this with a double-row sofa instead of an elongated single couch.

Given the fact that 3D TVs are no longer being commercially manufactured, curved TVs are here to keep up with all of our entertainment needs.

Mounting your TV above a fireplace isn't a wise idea!

Mounting your TV above a fireplace isn’t a wise idea!

Are projectors better than TVs?

Some are, but they’re not for everyone. When we mention projectors, we aren’t talking about the vintage movie projectors that have turned into a collector’s item today. Modern projectors are changing the face of home entertainment. They are expensive but have loads of features like portability. But what makes them unique is the stunning picture quality. For maximum enjoyment, you need to consider the size and distance just like you would a TV.

Depending on their quality, DLP (Digital Light Processing) projectors are considered to be a better choice compared to LCD and LED projectors.

As for us, we love these projectors because of all the innovative features they offer:

Upgrading your visual entertainment can be as easy as repositioning your living room. Did we miss out any other factor? Let us know in the comments below!

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